Is Fanny Fee Werther Married? Full Details

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Fanny Fee Werther is believed to be 25 years old and she can best be described as a German television news anchor. Fanny Fee Werther was born in Munich, Germany and for the past five years, she has been working in the broadcasting space.

She stands at 1 meter 71 centimeters and weighs 67 kilograms. Details about the parents and family of Fanny Fee Werther aren’t currently available but it is reported that her parents also work in the television space.

It must be noted that she worked as an intern at the local broadcaster MünchenTV and over the years, apart from news anchoring, she has also had experience in covering Oktoberfest and sporting events.

While at MünchenTV, Fanny Fee Werther was the moderator of “München Today” reported on sporting events and was a ‘WiesnLive’ press reporter.

Fanny Fee Werther started working at the German broadcaster WELT in 2019 as a news reporter but it must be noted that before joining WELT, she had worked with other media houses.

She worked as a journalist for Sky, Sport1 and MünchenTV; reporting on sporting events. Fanny Fee Werther hosts WELT news programs and she is also a member of the WORLDwork network.

With regard to education, Fanny Fee Werther earned a degree in business administration from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich. Interestingly, she is one media personality in Germany that media houses would like to work with.

Is Fanny Fee Werther Married?

There is no update on the marital status of Fanny Fee Werther. Fanny Fee Werther has about 25.1K followers on Instagram.

She gave live reports during the 2021 Federal election, Scholz Chancellor election as well as various state elections.

Fanny Fee Werther is known to be a moderator who attaches importance to quick reactions and rethinking whenever she is on a live program. She is also known to be full of energy and committed to her job.

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