Is Eric Philippi Married? Full Details

By | August 15, 2023

Eric Philippi can be described as a German schlager singer, trumpeter and producer. Eric Philippi was born on January 2, 1997, in Saarbrücken but grew up in Saarland. The music career of Eric Philippi started very early.

It must be noted that he started playing the trumpet when he was just nine years old. Due to the classical training, he had in the playing of the trumpet, he developed a huge interest in big bands and jazz.

Eric Philippi was a pivotal member of the Saar Youth Jazz Orchestra and for the period that he was with the Saar Youth Jazz Orchestra, he was able to play at several concerts in the southern part of Germany even though he was still in school.

Eric Philippi started learning the act and skill of singing when he was just 15 years old. It must be noted even though Eric Philippi had learned to play the trumpet and sing, he did an apprenticeship as a car mechatronics technician.

He decided to take up music as a career after he won the radio station Radio Salü ‘s newcomer competition in 2015. Eric Philippi signed a deal with Telamo music label in August 2020, and through that, he released his debut album, Schockverliebt in early September 2021.

He emerged as the winner of Florian Silbereisen ‘s Schlagerchallenge 2021 ( ARD, festivals of folk music/episode list ) and had the opportunity to own his exclusive club concert on MDR. Eric Philippi ‘s album, Schockverliebtwas ranked number 13 in the official German album charts on September 10, 2021, and stayed in the top 100 for three weeks.

Eric Philippi made an appearance on  Immer wieder Sundays , Die Schlager des Jahres as well as the MDR talk show Riverboat. He released Ein last kiss at Schlagerbooom 2021 in Dortmund

Is Eric Philippi Married?

Eric Philippi is currently 26 years old and according to, he is unmarried.

For now, he is focused on his music career. His grandparents, unfortunately, passed away in 2017.

Eric Philippi is very active on social media; he has about 48K followers on Instagram and 1.88K subscribers on youtube.

Some of his works also include You Are (2020), Infatuation (2021), and One Last Kiss (2021). Details of his parents remain unknown t

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