Is Daphne De Luxe Married? All You Need to Know

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Who Is Daphne De Luxe?

Daphne de Luxe, born Daphne Haderlein in March 1971 in Kronach, Germany, is a renowned German stand-up comedienne.

She discovered her comic and acting abilities while serving as class president in high school. Haderlein followed a profession as a state-certified foreign language secretary, specialising in English, French, and Spanish after finishing her secondary education.

Daphne de Luxe
Daphne de Luxe

In December 1991, Daphne de Luxe launched her full-time career, performing on stages both at home and abroad. She finished second in the final presentation of the NDR Comedy Contest in July 2009.

The following year, she received the “Stockstädter Römerhelm” award from the crowd. Daphne de Luxe won the Franconian Cabaret Prize in 2011 after appearing in the summer show of the NDR Comedy Contest.

She appeared on the Bavarian Radio funfair program “Die Närrische Weinprobe” a year later.

She gained many comedy and cabaret awards to her resume in 2013, including the Stuttgart “Comedy Clash,” the Kelkheim comedy award “Thron der Nachtrevue,” and the Datteln cabaret award “Das Dattelner Nachtschnittchen.”

She also competed in Tegtmeiers Erben and appeared on hr television in the Comedy Tower.

Daphne de Luxe’s reputation as skilled comedienne has grown over her career. In 2014, she participated in the carnival programmes on hr television and won the “Everswinkeler Comedy Kanone 2014″.

The next year, she won bronze in the German Cabaret League. In 2016, she made her debut at Berlin’s Quatsch Comedy Club, was nominated for the Oldcomer Award dubbed “Der alten Hut,” and received the coveted “St. Ingberter Pfanne” from the youth jury.

Daphne de Luxe has appeared in number of different productions in addition to her solo shows.

She has performed with the Schmidt Show on Tour and has been guest at Frau Jahnke hat invited.

In 2017, she made her debut on Alfons and Guests (SR), and her sixth programme, “Patience Tests – Mothers-in-law and Other Pests,” debuted.

She has also been on Ladies Night on a regular basis and has lately taken on the job of co-moderator alongside Lisa Feller and Meltem Kaptan. Daphne de Luxe has been hosting the Sisters of Comedy – Nachgelacht performance in Hanover since 2018.

In 2019, she will be touring with five distinct shows: “Comedy Galore,” “The Full Life,” “Extra Portion,” “Species-appropriate – A Humane Animal Programme,” and “Trials of Patience – Of Mothers-in-Law and Other Pests.”

Daphne de Luxe has received numerous honours for her excellent talent during her career.

The 2010 Stockstadt Roman Helmet, the 2011 Franconian Cabaret Prize, the 2013 Stuttgart Comedy Clash, the 2013 Dattelner Night Slice, the 2013 Throne of the Night Revue, the 2014 Everswinkel Comedy Cannon, and the 2016 St. Ingberter Pfanne “special prize from the Minister of Education” are among her honours.

Is Daphne De Luxe Married?

No, Daphne De Luxe is not married at the moment as there is no information on the internet to ascertain that she is indeed a married woman.

Daphne is currently very focused on her career and is doing very well for herself as she seeks to build and develop herself for the future.

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