Is Christian Berkel Married? Full Details

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Christian Berkel can be described as a German actor, radio play and audiobook speaker as well as an author. He was born on October 28, 1957, in West Berlin and he became quite popular in 2001 when he played a role in the feature film Das Experiment, directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel as well as the SS doctor in the Oscar-nominated feature film Der Untergang (2004).

The parents of Christian Berkel met when they were teenagers but his mother was Jewish and father was catholic, they could not marry during the Nazi era. The parents of Christian Berkel are Sala (Ursula Nohl) and Otto.

Sala in 1938 left for France and later in 1943, she went into hiding in Leipzig. She later returned to Germany and ended up marrying Otto.

Christian Berkel is an ambassador for the Germany Rounds Up Foundation, Amadeu Antonio Foundation as well as ChildFund Germany. He is also a co-founder of  PEN Berlin.

Over the years, Christian Berkel has been featured in so many movies some of which include 2018: Beat, 2018: What Won’t Kill Us, 2019: Divorce for Beginners, 2019: Criminal: Germany (TV Series, Episode 1×02), 2020: The Wolf Gang, 2020: The Prodigal Daughter (TV Series), 2020: Enfant Terrible, 2021: Sports badge for beginners, 2021: Furia (TV series), 2022: False Security and 2022: shafts.

Others are 2015: Anti-Social, 2015: Codename UNCLE (The Man from UNCLE), 2015: Trumpo, 2016: The Investigators – Official Use Only, 2016: The Jungle Book (voice), 2016: A Dangerous Proposal (TV Movie), 2016: Elle, 2017: Regional court – story of a family and 2017: In truth: Murder at the Engelsgraben.

He is the author of The Apple Tree from 2018 and Ada from 2020. Christian Berkel served as a judge for the Ludwig Börne Prize in 2017, which had Rüdiger Safranski emerging as the winner.

How Many Times Was Christian Berkel Married?

Christian Berkel is believed to have married twice. He is said to have lived with actress Andrea Sawatzki since 1998 and they got married in December 2011.

They live in Berlin-Schlachtensee and have two children.

Some of the awards won by Christian Berkel include 1998: Golden Gong for portrayal in Tatort: Black Advent, 2004: Bambi for his role in Downfall, 2009: Golden Camera for Best Actor National for Mogadishu, 2009: Goldene Feder – media prize of the Bauer publishing group and 2020: German Audio Book Prize as Best Interpreter.

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