Is Barbara Hahlweg Divorced? All You Need To Know

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Is Barbara Hahlweg divorced? Who is Barbara Hahlweg husband? How long has Barbara Hahlweg being married to her husband?

In the subsequent paragraphs, we will be taking a closer look at the marriage life of Barbara Hahlweg so you may want to read on.

Who Is Barbara Hahlweg?

Barbara Hahlweg is a well known German journalist and TV presenter born on November 29, 1968 to German parents. Her father, Dieter Hahlweg is a politician and a former Mayor of Erlangen.

Hahlweg had a thing for journalism right from her childhood and was fascinated by the idea of being on TV. However, she also understood the fact that she had to get herself educated first.

She obtained a Master’s degree in communication sciences at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich. That was after she graduated from the Emmy-Noether-Gymnasium in Erlangen.

She did her traineeship at ZDF between 1996 to 1997 and has been working there since the end of her traineeship. She worked as an editor in the heute studio,  presenter and moderator for Top 7 and people TV.

Hahlweg then became a co-moderator in the heute-journal from 2003 to 2007 and then became a moderator of the 7pm today news on ZDF from 2007. She also presented the ZDF magazine ML Mona Lisa from 2011 to July 2017.

She became an honorary member of Tangeni Shilongo Namibia e. V since 2017 and patron of the Ronald McDonald House in Erlangen since 2014.

Is Barbara Hahlweg Divorced? 

No. German journalist and TV presenter Barbara Hahlweg is not divorced. She is still very much in love and married to her husband Peter Arens as of July 2023.

The couple got married a number of years ago and are showing no signs of giving up on their love anytime soon. They have so far been blessed with three adorable daughters.

Unfortunately, we do not have information about how they first met or when they officially became husband and wife. However, what matters is that, Barbara Hahlweg and her husband, Peter Arens are still very much in love and married as of July 2023.

Disregard any rumours that suggest that the journalist may have divorced her husband.

Who Is Barbara Hahlweg Husband? Meet Peter Arens 

Peter Arens is the husband of journalist Barbara Hahlweg. They have been married for a number of years now and have been blessed with three daughters.

He is a German historian, author and TV producer born on June 12, 1961 in Gerolstein. He has worked in the past as a freelancer for a number of daily newspapers in Germany and France.

Peter Arens has made a name for himself as a top German historian and author and has been the head of the main editorial department for history and science at the Baden-Württemburg Film Academy in Ludwigsburg since 2017.

He has personally written a number of books on German history and migration.

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