Is Angela Ascher Married ? Full Details

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Angela Ascher was born on December 26, 1977, in Landshut, Bavaria. She can be described as a German actress. Simone Ascher, the actress is her sibling and they both grew up in Dorfen. Her father was a teacher at the local secondary school. Angela Ascher had her first experience with acting with the Dorfen High School Theater group.

She was at the Hamburg University of Music and Theater between 1997 and 2001 where she completed her artistic training. From 1999 to 2000, Angela Ascher received a DAAD scholarship at the Los Angeles Film School. Angela Ascher worked at Deutsches Shauspielhaus in Hamburg, Thalia Theater and the Theater Chemnitz.

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It must be noted that from 2009 to 2010, Angela Ascher played at the Schauspielhaus Vienna.

Is Angela Ascher Married ?

Angela Ascher is married and has two children; daughters. The name of her husband is currently unknown.


Angela Ascher has some films to her credit. Some of these films are1997: The Fire Angels (TV series, 5 episodes), 1997: Track Lights (short film), 1997: Evelyn Hamann’s Stories from Life (TV series, 1 episode), 1997: Traffic Court (TV series, episode 52 – One moment of shock too many ), 1999: SOKO 5113 (TV series, 1 episode), 1999: The Last Witness (TV series, 1 episode), 2000: The Clever Ones (TV series, 1 episode), 2000: Faster than the train (short film) and 2001: The bastard.

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Others are 2020: Overland (TV series, 1 episode), 2020: Consolation, Strength & Colleagues (TV series, 1 episode), 2020: Slaughterhouse (TV series, 1 episode), 2020: The Rosenheim Cops (TV series, 1 episode), 2020: Wedding strudel and plum happiness (TV film), since 2020: Women’s Stories (TV series), 2022: In all friendship – The young doctors (TV series, episode Fear ) and 2022: Hubert without Staller (TV series, episode “A Surefire Plan”).

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2011: Tatort – Hunting Time (TV series), 2011: White and Blue Stories (TV series, 1 episode), 2012: SOKO Kitzbühel (TV series, 1 episode), 2012: SOKO Wismar (TV series, 1 episode), 2014: The Matter of Truth (TV film), 2015: Hubert and Staller (TV series, episode 51 – Fleischeslust ), 2016: Emergency call Hafenkante (TV series, episode Die Dainner von Waseberg ), 2017: WaPo Lake Constance (TV series, episode The Weakest Link ), 2017: SOKO Munich (TV series, 1 episode) and 2018: The Invention of Bavaria (TV film) also form part of the films Angela Ascher has played roles in.

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