Is Andi Feldmann Married? Full Details

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Who Is Andi Feldmann?

Bernhard Andreas Peter Hinrich “Andi” Feldmann, born on May 29, 1957, is a multi-talented German artist known for his work as a sculptor, screenwriter, actor, voice actor, author, and YouTuber.

The youngest of three children in the Feldmann family, he was raised in Flensburg. His older brother, Rötger “Brösel” Feldmann, is known for creating the well-known cartoon character Werner.

Andi Feldmann’s experiences as a heating installer apprentice were later merged by his brother Brösel into the Werner cartoons.

Since 1979, he has lived in Ulsnis, a town in the Schleswig-Flensburg region, where he has been pursuing his passion for metal sculpture. He was inspired by an old legend when he constructed “The Giant of Ulsnis,” a sculpture that stands 5 metres tall.

Feldmann contributes to the Werner comics in addition to his brother’s works. In the films based on the comics Werner – Beinhart! (1990), Werner – That Must Boil!!! (1996), Werner – Volles Rooää!!! (1999), Werner – Will Throw Up Later! (2003), and Werner – Ice Cold! (2011), he performed the voice for the character Andi.

In the live-action version of “Werner – Eiskalt!” he also performed the part of master Röhrich. From 1996 through 2003, Feldmann also contributed to the writing of films.

Feldmann’s life-changing accident-related personal narrative is distinctive. His left little finger’s terminal joint was amputated, and toggle forceps were used to cut the remaining bone throughout the procedure.

The forceps captured his attention, so he took them without being observed and symbolically “exchanged” them with the tip of his finger. The forceps are still in his possession.

Feldmann, his brother, and Martin Reuter wrote the book “Die Kulteisen der Wernersen” (The Cult Irons of the Wernersens), which was released in 2000.

On the Dolmette, a motorcycle constructed in accordance with Brösel’s ideas and powered by 24 Dolmar chainsaw engines, he battled against Swiss racer Christina Surer in a race at the Lausitzring in 2004.

On his YouTube channel, Andis Funktionpunk, he focuses on designing and tuning mopeds and motorcycles at the moment.

Overall, Andi Feldmann is a well-known figure in Germany thanks to his diverse talents and contributions to a variety of artistic sectors.

He continues to enthrall viewers with his ingenuity and passion for his work, whether it is through his sculpting abilities or his voice acting in the Werner films.

Is Andi Feldmann Married?

Andi Feldmann is not married as he is currently focused on his brand and career as a sculptor, screenwriter, actor, voice actor, author, and YouTuber.

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