Is Aline Abboud Married? Full Details

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Aline Abboud can be described as a German journalist and television presenter. She was born on January 23, 1988, in East Berlin. East Berlin was then part of the German Democratic Republic.

Aline Abboud had a Lebanese father and a German mother. With respect to education, she attended Leipzig University and read Arab studies.

After graduating from Leipzig University, Aline Abboud worked for the German public broadcaster ZDF. She worked as as an editor and reporter with an emphasis on foreign affairs.

She was the editor at ZDF in 2016 and also heuteXpress on the same channel. From 2018, she served as a reporter and contributed to auslandsjournal, a ZDF format on foreign affairs.

Aline Abboud was also the presenter of  “DIE DA OBEN!” and also acted as a producer of the documentary Und jetzt Wir.

She also volunteered at the Bundestag, Germany’s federal parliament. Aline Abboud has been presenting  Tagesthemen since September 2021.

Tagesthemen is a daily news magazine broadcast by ARD. Aline Abboud can be said to be the first woman born in the German Democratic Republic to host Tagesthemen.

While growing up, she had always wished to become a journalist so she could cover the Middle East.

She is a member of the advisory board of the Candid Foundation; a nonprofit organization focussing on the Southern Mediterranean and Western Asia. Aline Abboud joined public broadcaster ARD in 2021.

Aline Abboud sees Lebanon as her second home. She is quite active on social media.

Is Aline Abboud Married?

Even though Aline Abboud s quite active on social media, she loves to keep issues about her partner and children out of the public domain.

The net worth of Aline Abboud is estimated to be about $3.09 Million.

She is one person who loves to sleep without her phone by her side.

There are sometimes she puts off the data on her phone and may even put off the phone but would only check on her messages at the end of the day.

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