Top Iron Rods Companies In Ghana

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Before we proceed, take note that, this post entails the list of Iron Rod Companies In Ghana. Even if you want to know more about Iron Rods, their types and the one that will fit your building plan, decorative art projects or other purposes, this post is exactly for you. You might equally be looking for some of the best Iron Rod Companies.

Difference Between An Iron And Iron Rod

An Iron is a natural element. Meaning, it can be found in nature and not a “man-made something”. Iron is mined from the iron ore. Firstly, the iron ore has to go through a process called reduction in order to transform it into a metallic state (iron).

An Iron Rod is basically the name given to a length of an iron. Iron Rods are usually employed in construction projects. Most often, reinforced concretes are entwine with Iron Rods during construction projects to strengthen the building’s tension.

Types Of Iron Rods

Basically, Iron Rods can be grouped into two major categories and they are: Mild steel bars and Deformed steel bars.

Deformed steel bars have high tensile strength than the mild steel bars and hence, they are usually the best option for construction purposes.

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Iron Rods Companies In Ghana

If you are looking for where you can buy or get an iron rod in Ghana, then below is the list of the Iron Rod Companies In Ghana and their contact Informations.

B5 Plus Limited

B5 Plus Limited is one of the leading manufacturing and trading companies in West Africa when it comes to Iron Rods and Steel production. The company was established in 2002 and has since expanded its operations to many West African countries. B5 Plus Limited has its headquarters in Ghana – Kpone Barrier, Aflao Road, Tema. Some of their products are: mild steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, nails, roofing, aluminum products and many more.

You can contact them through: 024 4331 635 for further enquires.

Ferro Fabrik Limited

Ferro Fabrik Limited is undoubtedly one of the biggest manufacturers of Iron rods and steel products in Ghana. The company has been into existence since 1968. They are major suppliers of construction products such as: High Tensile Reinforcing Bars, Mild Steel Reinforcing Bars and Square or Rectangular Cross-sectional Billets.

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You can contact Ferro Fabrik Limited through: +233-266855863 for further enquires.

Atala Limited

Atala Limited is one the major retailers of steel products and building materials in Ghana. The company was founded in 1986 and since then, has expanded its operation across the main regions of Ghana. However, its headquarters is in Tema, Accra-Ghana. Aside rebars (Iron Rods), they also retail other building materials such as binding wires, nails, BRC mesh, cement, High Tensile Rebars, Mild Steel Rebars, etc.

You can contact Atala Limited through: +233 50 131 7749 for further enquires.

Manuel Johnson

Manuel Johnson is another renowned Iron Rod company in Ghana. The company retail all types of iron rod products. In addition, the company retail other building hardware materials and tools such as: binding wires, cement, building blocks, etc.

You can contact Manuel Johnson through: 055 735 9204 for further enquires.

Sethi Brothers

Sethi Brothers are one of the outstanding steel traders and manufacturers in Ghana. You can count on them for any type of Iron Rod. The company was founded in 1993 and since then, has provided outstanding services to their customers and the general public.

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You can contact Sethi Brothers through: 024 431 1540 for further enquires.

Kwasi Oppong Company Limited

Kwasi Oppong Company Limited was founded in 1982 and operate as “building materials supplier”. The company has won not less than eight awards as “the best building materials supplier” for their outstanding performance. They basically supply all types of iron rods, roofing sheets, nails, etc.

You can contact kwasi Oppong Company Limited through: +233-24-4-442121 for further enquires.

K. Ofori Limited

K. Ofori LTD was founded in the early 2000s. Since then, the company has become one of the major traders of building materials and iron rods in Ghana. Some of their products include: BRC Flat and Roll Mesh, Binding Wire, Nails, Cement, etc. They have branches across Ghana.

You can contact them through: +233 020 811 1712, +233 027 244 3717 for further enquires.

KK Peprah Company Limited

ZionFelix Enterprise

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