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Italian native Filippo Maria Fanti, better known by his stage name Irama, was born in Carrara on December 20, 1995. He has emerged as a major player in the Italian music scene, exhibiting his abilities as a rapper, vocalist, and composer. Irama’s ascent to stardom started in 2018 with a noteworthy triumph on the 17th iteration of Amici di Maria De Filippi.

Early Life

Irama was raised in Carrara and then moved to Monza with his family, where he discovered his love of music at a young age. When he was younger, he showed an interest in the creations of well-known Italian painters like Francesco Guccini and Fabrizio De André. As he became involved in hip-hop, Irama took on his stage name, Maria, an anagram of his second name that means “rhythm” in Malay.

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Irama first gained attention in 2015 after his song “Cosa resterà” placed him in the New Proposte category of the Sanremo Music Festival. His musical career officially began with this, and in 2016 his debut studio album, “Irama,” was released. Irama faced several early difficulties, such as switching record companies, but his skill and tenacity came through.

In an attempt to revitalize his career, Irama took part in the seventeenth Amici di Maria De Filippi in 2018. His partnership with Warner Records was rekindled by the program’s triumph. Both the song “Un giorno in più” and the follow-up single “Nera” were commercially successful; the latter peaked at number two on the Top Singles Chart.

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Irama’s EP titled “Plume,” released in the same year, secured a double-platinum certification, affirming his renewed prominence. His second studio album, “Giovani,” released in 2018, debuted at the top of the FIMI Albums Chart and achieved Platinum certification.

In the following years, Irama continued to impress with singles like “Arrogante” and “Milano.” His participation in the spin-off “Amici Speciali” in 2020 resulted in another victory, showcasing his enduring popularity. The lead single “Mediterranea” from his fourth studio album “Crepe” topped the charts, marking a significant milestone in his career.

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Irama finished in fifth place in Sanremo 2021 despite difficulties brought on by a COVID-19-related mishap. His song “La genesi del tuo colore” garnered positive feedback. His “Ovunque Sarai” return to Sanremo in 2022 cemented his place in the Italian music industry.

Irama’s third studio album, “Il giorno in cui ho smesso di pensare,” was published on February 25, 2022, and it quickly shot to the top of the album charts.

Who is Irama’s Girlfriend?

Victoria Stella Doritou is Irama’s girlfriend and she is a native of Limisso. With an enduring passion for fashion, Victoria embarked on her runway journey from a tender age, gracing her first catwalks with youthful enthusiasm.


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