Individuals Calling For Coup In Ghana Are Childish – Dr. Obed Asamoah. May 2022


Dr. Obed Asamoah; who is a former Attorney General under the John Jerry Rawlings government has chastised coup mongers.


According to him, those calling for a coup  will be treated no different from others when the military takes over. He further cautioned individuals not to be calling for coup as it has an adverse impact on economies.


Speaking at an interview on TV3 on March 1, 2022, the former Attorney General revealed that no one is  safe under a military regime as everyone subsequently becomes a target. He also revealed that soldiers will undoubtedly maltreat constitutionally elected government’s they had problems with.”If for example, someone was fighting with a military officer over a woman, that person will be targeted if there is a coup and be eliminated,” he said.

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“ I have seen some of the challenges, I have identified some. When I took over as Speaker, then the weight came on me. I see myself, even though I am a member of the NDC, throughout my practice, I have not been a fanatic of party politics. I have always preached across the political divide”, Dr. Obed revealed.

Individuals Calling For Coup In Ghana Are Childish - Dr. Obed Asamoah 1


He further indicated that, Ghana isn’t guaranteed an economic breakthrough under a military regime as some could rather deepen the level of crisis. He added that parliament would suffer the most under a coup and human rights abuses would be high especially under one which does not prioritize the safety of people. He therefore urged individuals to stop calling for military take over. “This Fix Ghana elements, some of them are openly calling for a military takeover. Those people are childish. When a coup happens the power that is wielded by the soldiers immediately after the coup is not discriminatory, they look at it in personal terms,” he stated.

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