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Icona London Fridge Prices In Ghana. Full Specifications. May 2023

In this post, I am going to take you through Icona London fridge prices in Ghana, where you can get Icona London fridges at very competitive prices and other necessary information worth knowing about Icona fridges.

About Icona London Fridges 

Icona London fridges are products of the London based Icona Company. Icona aims to focus on developing high-quality products based on natural ingredients & thereby touching lives, naturally. Icona believes in constantly enhancing the quality of its products to match the needs and wants of every individual.

Icona London fridges are built with energy-saving compressors to ensure efficiency. Super micro-hole foaming layer technology in Icona fridges ensures you get nothing but first-class insulation.

Icona London fridges have optimal door seal design for better coldness storage and anti-bacterial inner for the prevention of bacteria growth.

Specifications Of Icona Fridges 

Below are some of the features common in almost all Icona fridges.

  • Energy Saving Compressor With Efficiency.
  • Super Micro-Hole Foaming Layer, First Class Insulation Technology.
  • Optimal Door Seal Design for Better Coldness Storage
  • Anti-Bacterial Inner for The Prevention of Bacteria Growth.
  • Glass door of good quality in elegant design.
  • Icona London fridges come in 3 main colours White, Stainless steel and Glass body.

Icona London Fridge Prices In Ghana

The price of Icona London fridges varies depending on the model and the seller, but we can certainly give you the price range of each model. The price of 132L Icona London fridges ranges between GHC 1,329.00 to GHC 1,399.00 as of the time of writing. 

The price of 165L Icona London fridges is GHC 1,699.00 whiles the price of 209L and 270L Icona London fridges is GHC 1,979.00 and GHC 2,139.00 respectively. 

328L and 398L Icona London fridges are sold at GHC 2,529.00 and GHC 2,669.00 respectively. If you have a taste for double door fridges then the price of Icona London double door fridges ranges between GHC 4,349.00 to GHC 4,539.00.

The table below gives a vivid representation of what I am talking about.

Icona London Fridge Model  Price 
132L Icona London Fridge GHC 1,329.00 to GHC 1,399.00
165L Icona London Fridge GHC 1,699.00
209L Icona London Fridge GHC 1,979.00
270L Icona London Fridge GHC 2,139.00
328L Icona London Fridge GHC 2,529.00
398L Icona London Fridge GHC 2,669.00
402L Double French Door Icona Fridge GHC 4,349.00
485L Double French Door Icona Fridge GHC 4,539.00


Where To Buy Icona Refrigerators In Ghana

Below are the shops in Ghana where you can get any model of Icona fridge you want.

  • Melcom Ghana
  • Electromart
  • KabFam 
  • Electroland


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