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Without a doubt , Hugo Fischer-Koppe can be described as an early German film actor who was quite successful.  Based on records available, Hugo Fischer-Koppe was said to have been born on February 13, 1890, and died on December 31, 1937, in Berlin. Based on his birth as well as his death dates, he was 47 years old at the time of his death.

It must be noted that Hugo Fischer-Koppe made an entry into the film industry as an actor in 1917. From the time he started acting till the time he died, he is known to have made appearances and played roles in over 80 different films and made a name for himself .

Some of the films to the credit of Hugo Fischer-Koppe include The Men of Frau Clarissa (1922), The Queen of Whitechapel (1922), The Shadows of That Night (1922), The Big Shot (1922), The Morals of the Alley (1925), Three Waiting Maids (1925), Oh Those Glorious Old Student Days (1925), War in Peace (1925), Ash Wednesday (1925), The Trumpets are Blowing (1926), The Captain from Koepenick (1926), The Last Horse Carriage in Berlin (1926), Countess Ironing-Maid (1926), The Armoured Vault (1926), The Man Without Sleep (1926) and Maytime (1926).

Others are The Blue of Heaven (1932), Madame Makes Her Exit (1932), The Dancer of Sanssouci (1932), Paprika (1932), Haunted People (1932), Two Good Comrades (1933), Bon Voyage (1933), Dream of the Rhine (1933), The Big Bluff (1933), Decoy (1934), Police Report (1934), The Daring Swimmer (1934), Alarm in Peking (1937)

Hugo Fischer-Koppe’s Age, Birth Date

Hugo Fischer-Koppe was born on February 13, 1890, and died on December 31, 1937. Hugo Fischer-Koppe  was 47 years old when he died.

Hugo Fischer-Koppe’s Biography, Wikipedia

The details of Hugo Fischer-Koppe  can be accessed via Wikipedia.

Hugo Fischer-Koppe’s Height, Weight

Hugo Fischer-Koppe’s height and weight are unavailable.

Hugo Fischer-Koppe’s Net Worth

The net worth of Hugo Fischer-Koppe is believed to be $ 125 million.

Hugo Fischer-Koppe’s Parents, Girlfriend, Wife,Children

Details about the  parents of Hugo Fischer-Koppe’s wife and children are unavailable.


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