How To Send Money From Ghana To Nigeria. Complete Guide


To address the question on “how to send money from Ghana to Nigeria”, we have designed this post to contain a complete guideline for you.

Gone are the days where sending money from one country to another is a tough thing to do. Despite the hectic procedures involved in doing this exercise, the time it takes to successfully receive/send your money is another part of the stress.

Sometime ago, a lot of paperwork need to be done before one can transfer money internationally. There is even a restriction on the amount one can transfer those says. 

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The case is different now!

The world is advancing and almost everything is changing alongside with it. One thing worth talking about is the technological advancement that can be seen at the business sector, particularly in the banking industry.

One facet of this banking revolution is: easy money transfer across the world. With just a bank or a Fintech company, one can successfully transfer money to another person at the comfort of their homes.

How To Send Money From Ghana To Nigeria

There are many options available for you to successfully transfer your money from Ghana to Nigeria or vice versa. The following options will be discussed below. 

Go through the list below to find out which one will be the best option for you.


World Remit is one of the most reliable platforms available worldwide for one to send or receive money.

World Remit was founded in 2010 and, it is headquartered in London. However, World Remit operates in not less than hundred and fifty countries.

With less than 24 hours, one can successfully transfer his/her money. The withdrawal options available are: Bank deposit, Cash Pickup, Mobile top-up, Mobile wallet and Home delivery (for some countries). Again, the payment options are: Debit Card, Credit Card and Bank Transfer.

How To Make A Transaction With World Remit

1. Head over to

2. Choose the country you are sending the money from or to (For instance: from Ghana to Nigeria).

3. Input the amount that you would like to send. From there, select the pay-out method that you opt to utilize for your transaction.

4. Input the details of the recipient based on their country of residence. You should also denote the method you intend for them to use in withdrawing the money.

5. Check the details (the amount, recipient details and, method) you have entered and hit the “Send” button on the webpage if you are convinced with the details you entered.

6. Out of the options available (bank transfer, credit and, debit cards), choose the option that suits you and go ahead and pay.

7. You need to wait for a text and an email confirmation of your payment. If you receive that, then your transaction has been successfully made. 

Other options available for you to transfer money from Ghana to Nigeria or vice versa are:








NB: Most banks can equally help you to transfer money from Ghana to Nigeria. Make this enquiry from the Banks available in your area. 

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