How to Play Lotto on Your Phone Using the NLA Code

By | March 29, 2020

Everything is gradually going digital in Ghana, so is lotto. In this post, we are going to show you

  • how to stake NLA lotto on phone

Formerly one could only play or stake lotto by visiting the nearest Lotto agent.

Things have changed, Ghana National Lottery Authority has made it simple for lotto lovers to stake lotto from the comfort of their homes or workplace by just using the NLA short code on their mobile phones.

This service is possible through a collaboration between NLA Ghana and mobile money services.

Do you want to know how to play lotto in Ghana using the MTN lotto code? Then this post is for you.

In this post, I am going to give you the complete steps you need to follow to successfully stake lotto on your mobile phone using MTN mobile money.

You can play ‘Banker to Banker’ on your mobile, thanks to technology.

This article is also going to contain information on:

  • How to get paid if you win.

Are you ready?

Let’s get started.

Before I give the steps, let us know what the NLA short code is.

What is the NLA Short Code?

The nla short code is *959#. This is what you’re going to use to stake the lotto on your phone.

Make sure you are registered on Vodafone Cash or MTN Mobile Money. See HOW TO REGISTER MTN MOBILE MONEY HERE.

How to play lotto using your phone.

  1. Pick up your mobile phone. Make sure you have some money in your MTN Mobile money wallet
  2. Dial *959#
  3. Select option 1 (the current game)
  4. Select which way you want to stake your numbers. Options available are Direct, 2-Sure, Direct-3, Direct-4, Direct-5, Perm-2, Perm-3, and Banker.
  5. Select the number(s) you are predicting. Separate each number with a space.
  6. Enter the amount you want to play. (GHS 1.00 – GHS 200.00)
  7. Enter 1 to confirm
  8. You’ll receive a mobile money prompt to confirm and approve the payment.


How to get paid.

NLA payment code

You should not be worried about how you will get paid if you win.

The systems are programmed in a way that all winners will be paid directly into their mobile money wallet as soon as they win.

This means that there is no payment code officially from the National Lottery Authority. Payments are automatically sent to winners.

If you need more information about NLA lottery, visit their official website at

Important information.

You can only play 5/90.

5/90 simply means you are choosing five numbers out of ninety (90).

Playing lotto on your phone is available on MTN and Vodafone networks.


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27 thoughts on “How to Play Lotto on Your Phone Using the NLA Code

  1. Shaibu

    If u people can’t work with the short code well just stop, because it is giving us problems as to how to stake and after winning it becomes different story. Payment will not be made as it is stated or u tell us numbers do not much.

  2. Anning Richmond

    I want to know if I stick one direct number in Ghana 1 cedi how much I will get in my phone I made a code we used to stick the lottery in the phone the *959#

  3. Gladys Nelson

    Please I won yesterday by perm but I received a message this morning saying my numbers did not match

  4. Ernestina Fianya

    For sometime now when I Dail *959# and it give gives me the permission to stake my numbers, and i do and forward it .its tells me i entered wrong numbers. Please do something about it,it’s not allowing me to stake .my no.0540436009

  5. Tetteh vincent

    Please i wine it today but you people didn’t send me my money i play perm2 51-61-11-90.and two play but you people say it doesn’t much the number. that you are?

  6. Mark Roland Akoto

    I won direct1, 5, 1GHC but not been paid. Friday bonanza 07/05/2021. Ticket number is 1SL1UFS. Please explain to me why.

  7. samuel arthur

    Please I have wow before and never paid yesterday I played 74-50-86 I got two numbers I received a message that the money has sent to my account but is not true this my number 0244090584

  8. Nortey Kingsley George

    Nortey Kingsley George
    Amount not received
    I staked*959#yesterday i got a message that I did not win, my ticket number is 1DAXT38and1CABRE8. My contact number is 0551391335. Please i need explanation for that.
    Thank you

  9. Yaw

    I won a perm 3, I stake 2ghc each which amounted to 20ghc. After the wining numbers were mentioned I won 2 number which means 480ghc but they said did not match. How do I contact you guys to correct this?


    I play direct 1 and I won on Monday n Saturday but they said I did not won mean while the number dropped but they say I did won please why you people should send me my money oo

  11. Lydia Ampiah

    Pls I play Direct one(1) today 66 which drop but I have no received by payment why

  12. Jnr

    Please can someone enlighten me on the conditions to win because ..because I permed 4 numbers and two of them dropped yesterday but I still lost..
    Why is that

  13. Eric Larbie

    Hello I have been observing these things, when I stake on my phone I don’t receive ticket for the first time, I only receive ticket for the second and third time I stake, but they will deduct my money and when the game is over I don’t receive any message showing I have win or lose. Please tell me why?

      1. Justice Amoako

        Please I am Justice Amoako I staked 14-32-11-19-18 with 20gh and I have won with 11-19 with Tkt number:1FDPG28 and I haven’t received any message till now…….
        My number is: 0547843169
        Please explain to me…

        1. Julius

          Please I won yesterday direct 1 and wash not pay, please send me my money

  14. Kyei Charles

    The short code to stake the lotto most at times gives different options, like if you want to enjoy interest on your mobile money select 1 .


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