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How to Pay Water Bill in Ghana using Mobile Money. May 2023

Do you want to pay your water bill over the phone using MOMO? You are at the right place then.

Since the introduction of mobile money services in Ghana and payment of goods and services have been very convenient.

Apart from sending money, buying airtime, receiving money, and borrowing money, mobile money platforms can also be used in the payment of bills such as water bill in Ghana, DSTV/GOTv bill payment,s and others.

Water is an important part of our everyday lives. To ensure we always have an uninterrupted flow of water to our houses, it is important that we pay our water bills on time.

You can easily pay your water bill by leveraging the power of mobile money platforms.

In this post, we are going to take you through the steps to pay your water bill using the various mobile money platforms in Ghana: MTN Mobile Money, Vodafone Cash, AirtelTigo Cash, SlydePay Mobile Money Platform and Hubtel MoMo Platform.

There is no need for visiting the Ghana Water Company Limited Office. Just spare us some few minutes of your time as we take you through this.

How to pay your water bill using MTN Mobile Money.

You can either use the myMTN Mobile application or the MTN Mobile Money Code. Since MTN has the largest mobile money subscribers, let’s start with it.

If you are an MTN MoMo User, follow the steps below to pay your water bill using their platform.

  1. Dial *170#
  2. Select option 2 for MoMo Pay and Bill
  3. Select option 2 for Pay Bill
  4. Select option 1 for Utilities
  5. Select option 2 for Ghana Water
  6. Enter your Account Number (Your Meter Number specifically)
  7. Enter payable amount
  8. Enter your MTN Mobile Money PIN Code to confirm payment
  9. You’ll receive a message confirming successful payment of bill

How to Pay water bill using Vodafone Cash.

To pay your water bill with MTN Mobile Money, you have to use the Vodafone Cash Mobile Money Code which is *110#. See the full steps below.

  1. Dial *110#
  2. Select option 4 (Make Payment)
  3. Selection option 1 (Bill Payment)
  4. Select option 3 (Utilities)
  5. Select option 1 (Ghana Water)
  6. Enter your Account Number
  7. Enter the amount you wish to pay
  8. Enter your Vodafone Cash PIN code to proceed
  9. You’ll receive a confirmatory message indicating that you have successfully paid your water bill.

How to pay water bill using AirtelTigo Cash.

The steps to pay your water bill using AirtelTigo Mobile Money Platform is somehow similar to MTN Mobile Money and Vodafone Cash. The only difference is, here we will use the AirtelTigo Mobile money code. See the steps below.

  1. Dial *500#
  2. Select option 3 (Pay Bills)
  3. Select ‘Ghana Water’
  4. Enter payable amount
  5. Enter your AirtelTigo Cash PIN code

You’ll receive a message confirming successful payment of water bill using AirtelTigo Mobile Money.

How to pay Water bill using the SlydePay app.

SlydePay has made payment of water bill also possible by integrating all the mobile money platforms (MTN Mobile Money, AirtelTigo Cash & Vodafone Cash) into one application.

All you need to do is to download their app or visit their website. Follow the steps below to pay your water bill using the SlydePay app irrespective of your mobile money platform.

pay water bill

  1. Visit HERE. or Download SlydePay from the Google Play Store.
  2. Enter your Account Number in the space provided.
  3. Enter the payable amount
  4. Wait for the system to process payment
  5. A receipt will be issued confirming you’ve paid your water bill.

Final words.

We encourage you to use any of the services above to pay a water bill. Going to the offices to pay bill increases your chances of contracting the Covid-19 virus. Stay at home and pay your water bill.

You can also pay your ECG Prepaid using Mobile Money Services. We’ll cover that in subsequent articles.

If you encountered any challenge using any of the steps above, kindly leave a comment below. Our team will answer them as soon as possible.


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