How to Check Lotto Results In Ghana


Checking lotto results in Ghana is very simple. We are going to give you the possible ways to check winning lotto numbers for Monday, Tuesday through to Sunday.


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Let’s get started.

How to check lotto results

There are different ways lotto lovers check results in Ghana. These are:

  • Listening to radio
  • Checking the NLA official website
  • Newspaper announcement
  • Inquiring from licensed agents

How to check lotto results on the NLA official website

The National Lottery Authority publishes daily winning lotto results on their website for users to check and confirm whether or not they’ve won.

Each day, around 7pm GMT evening, you can visit the NLA official website @ to see the daily lotto draws.


How to check lotto results by listening to radio

This method of publishing lotto results has been the primary one. Radio stations such as GBC announce winning lotto results every day for users’ perusal.

You should note that not all radio stations in Ghana do this. Contact NLA Ghana if you need a list of radio stations that announce lotto results daily.


How to check lotto results from the newspapers

You can check lotto results in Ghana from popular newspapers

Check lotto results on UTV


Checking lotto results by inquiring from lotto agents

This is the absolute easiest way to get lotto results before it even gets to the newspapers.

However, the authenticity of results gotten from an individual cannot be guaranteed unless confirmed with the results published on the NLA’s website.

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