How To Become A Lawyer In Ghana – Guidelines

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Education is pivotal with regard to the majority of people in Ghana. With such countless courses to browse, it can get mistaken for youngsters hoping to accomplish advanced education.

In any case, throughout the long term, it is very clear that perhaps the best course to embrace is Law.

Numerous understudies have embraced and enlisted for the course, particularly those enthusiastically to specialize in legal matters.

In case you are pondering with regards to how to turn into an attorney in Ghana, there are different necessities that you will be needed to meet before you can pursue further.

Under the watchful eye of turning into an attorney, you should meet the different least prerequisites, for example, passing either your O level or A level tests to fit the bill to concentrate on the law.

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It is additionally astute to pick the best organization that will give you quality schooling. In this article, we will guide you on the necessary steps you need to take in order to be called into the Ghana bar

How To Become A Lawyer In Ghana – Guidelines


You need to be enrolled into an institution for a four-year full-time degree program in LLB. Here are the requirements you must meet before you can be enrolled:


WASSSCE with at least credits in three major subjects which are English, Mathematics, and integrated Science, and three WASSSCE elective subjects with at least credits in General Arts, General Science or Business with an aggregate of 18 or better.

GCE Advanced Level with a credit score in at least five O level subjects in English and Mathematics and with three A levels or equivalent in Science related or Arts subjects.


Now you have to be enrolled in a three-year full-time LLB programme studying non-law subjects. At this stage, students are enrolled as first degree holders.


Students are required to enroll in a four-year part time LLB program studying non-law subjects. Here students are enrolled as first-degree holders in non-law subjects

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After completing the LLB program, students will have to enroll now into any of Ghana Law Schools for a two-year program before one can become a lawyer in Ghana.

To qualify to enroll in Ghana School of Law, one has to have passed the LLB programs offered at either
Faculties of Law of public universities which are KNUST, University of Ghana and GIMPA
Faculties of Law of private universities approved by NAB and GLC
To become a full-time lawyer, one will have to spend a minimum of 7-years.

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