How old is Olivia Kortas? Full details

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German-Polish journalist Olivia Kortas is renowned for her ground-breaking reportage. Kortas has become a well-known name in journalism because of her varied educational background and uncompromising dedication to her art.


In her academic career, Kortas had a strong interest in psychology and communication sciences. She continued her education at the esteemed Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, where she developed her comprehension of interpersonal dynamics and communication patterns.

Olivia Kortas broadened her horizons even further as a result of her passion for journalism and her hunger for information. She moved into the field of international journalism and pursued studies at the University of Utrecht and the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Aarhus.

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She gained a thorough awareness of international concerns as well as the skills necessary to successfully articulate them thanks to this multidisciplinary educational approach.


The journalist Olivia Kortas has made a name for herself as having a distinct and captivating emphasis. She focuses her reporting on important subjects including migration, crises, nationalism, and the complex dynamics of Central and Eastern Europe. She has been to many different parts of the world as a result of her dedication to bringing attention to these urgent concerns.

Kortas has been to difficult places while working as a journalist, such as Uganda, Kenya, Russia, Iraq, and Ukraine. Her on-the-ground reporting has given people a broader grasp of the global environment by revealing insightful details about complicated situations.

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The period from 2018 to 2021 that Kortas lived in Warsaw was a pivotal one in her professional life. She dug deep into contentious issues during this time, writing on contentious judicial reform, the socio-economic implications of elections, and the fervent opposition to tougher abortion laws. Her unafraid reporting took on important topics that influenced public conversation.

The skill with which Olivia Kortas writes has not gone unnoticed. The Economist, Al Jazeera English, Die Zeit, Der Standard, F.A.Z., F.A.S., Tygodnik Powszechny, De Groene Amsterdammer, and De Standaard are just a few of the notable magazines she regularly contributes to. These prestigious publications have included her thought-provoking pieces, which have helped to inform and enlighten their readers.

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In addition to her work in print, Kortas also works in broadcast journalism. Through her partnerships with MDR and Deutsche Welle, she reaches a wider audience on radio and television.

How old is Olivia Kortas?

Olivia Kortas was born in Munich in 1995. Currently, she is 28 years of age.


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