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Holger Ernst Biography And Wiki

Holger Ernst

German screenwriter and film director Holger Ernst, also known as HOLGERSON, was born in Berlin in 1972. He also resides in Los Angeles and New York City.

Graduate of the Academy of Arts in Kassel, Holger Ernst has directed a number of commercials and short films, such as Rain Is Falling and Kleine Fische.

His highly regarded movie was nominated for a European Film Prize and took home more than 40 prizes. He received critical praise and awards for his short film/commercial FACES for Volkswagen, including the 2008 Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau Prize, the Grand Prix in Bourges, and the German Wirtschaftsfilmpreis.

Additionally, Holger Ernst has received recognition for his screenplays for feature films, including Wir sind die Groessten, Familie–Demontage einer Seele, and Das Leben geht weiter.

His first feature film as a filmmaker was The House is Burning, which debuted at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival. He’s now working on a feature-length visual essay based on his short.

Holger Ernst Age And Birth Date

He was born in Berlin in 1972.

Holger Ernst Height and Weight

There’s little or no information about his body measurements; however, he is known to have the height and weight of an average male.

Holger Ernst Net Worth

One of Germany’s wealthiest film directors is Holger Ernst. Holger Ernst has a $5 million net worth, based on our analysis of data from Business Insider, Forbes, and Wikipedia.

Holger Ernst Parents

There’s no information regarding the parents of Ernst. We will update soon.

Holger Ernst Wife and Children

There’s no information about the wife and children of Ernst. We will update soon.

Holger Ernst Career

The German movie sensation has received some of the top awards in the industry. This includes:

  • 1998 Talent-Stipe Young German Cinema
  • 2000 Hesse Filmprize 2000 (Life goes on) – Best Screenplay
  • 2001 Selected by EXPORT UNION OF GERMAN CINEMA for their Program “Next Generation 2001” (Little Fish)
  • 2001 Winner Best Short Film Award WFF Montreal (KLEINE FISCHE/Little Fish) (1/2)
  • 2001 Golden Herkules 2001 (KLEINE FISCHE)
  • 2001 Hesse Filmprize 2001 (KLEINE FISCHE)
  • 2003 nominated for the German Filmprize 2003 (best unfilmed Screenplay): WIR SIND DIE GRÖSSTEN
  • 2003 Winner of the Commercial Competition GOOD FILM FOOD (NATUR PUR)
  • 2004 nominated for the German Filmprize 2004 (best unfilmed Screenplay): FAMILY: How to kill a soul
  • 2004 Official Competition 61. Mostra Intern. Filmfestival Venice (RAIN IS FALLING)
  • 2004 Winner “A l’Affiche du Monde”, Paris (RAIN IS FALLING)
  • 2004 Winner UIP-Prize Valladolid, Spain (RAIN IS FALLING) (nominated for European Filmprize 2005)
  • 2007 Winner Best Film International Filmfestival Hoboken, USA (THE HOUSE IS BURNING)
  • 2007 Winner Best Film International Festival du Film Ecologique Bourges, France (FACES)
  • 2007 Deutscher Wirtschaftsfilmpreis (FACES)
  • 2008 Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau Preis (FACES)
  • 2008 Grand Prix San Roque (FACES)
  • 2008 Czech Radio Award One World Intern. Filmfestival (FACES)

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