Hilaree Nelson First Husband: All You Need To Know

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Who is Hilaree Nelson first husband? How long was Hilaree Nelson married to her first husband? In this write up, we will be taking a look at Hilaree Nelson first husband since a lot of people are interested in knowing who the late ski mountaineer was married to.

Who Was Hilaree Nelson?

Hilaree Nelson was an American ski mountaineer born on December 13, 1972 in Seattle, Washington, U.S and died on September 26, 2022 Nepal at the age of 49. Nelson established herself as one of the top ski mountaineers in the world and was never intimidated by the height or perceived danger of the mountains she climbed.

Her adventurous nature was acknowledged by Men’s Journal who named her as one of “The Most Adventurous Women of the Past 25 years”. But that was not the only list she appeared on as she was also named as one of National Geographic’s 2018 Adventures of the Year.

Nelson was a born athlete hence pursuing a career as a ski mountaineer was a bit easier for her. She was already already skiing by the time she was three at Stevens Pass and continued to ski until her unfortunate death in September 2022.

On May 25, 2012, Nelson became the first woman to climb to the apex of two 8000-meter mountains ie. Everest and Lhotse within 24 hours. That same year, she was a in the 2012 Montana State University Everest Education Expedition team.

She has also served as captain of The North Face global athletic team. Some of her accomplishments include: First female descent of Makalu La Couloir, Nepal in 2015, First to ski all five “Holy Peaks”, Mongolian Altai, First ski decent of Papsura, India in 2017, etc.

Hilaree Nelson first husband
Hilaree Nelson with her partner, Jim Morrison and sons

Who Was Hilaree Nelson First Husband? 

Brian O’Neill is the first husband of Hilaree Nelson. Unfortunately, the former ski mountaineer hardly opened up about her first marriage till she died in September 2022.

As a result, we have no information regarding when they got married and for how long they were married. But what we do know is that, Nelson and her first husband divorced long before she died.

As a matter of fact, she was in a relationship with Jim Morrison, who is also a ski mountaineer before she died. She was actually skiing with Morrison on the Mount Manaslu on September 26, 2022 before falling off the mountain.

As partners, Nelson and Morrison made the first ski descent of the “Dream Line”, the Lhotse Couloir from the mountaintop on May 25, 2012.

Hilaree Nelson Kids 

Former ski mountaineer, Hilaree Nelson had two sons namely Grayden and Quinn who are teenagers as we speak. She was living together with her boys in Telluride, Colorado before she died.

Her first son, Quinn is 16 whiles Graydon is 14 years old. Interestingly, they are also into skiing just like their mother and also very much obsessed with lacrosse.

How Many Kids Did Hilaree Nelson Have With Her First Husband? 

Two. Nelson’s marriage to Brian O’Neill produced two sons. Their names are Graydon and Quinn.

Was Hilaree Nelson Married To Jim Morrison? 

No. Nelson was not married to her partner, Jim Morrison before she died.

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