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Highest Paid Nurses in Ghana. May 2023

We are going to give you all the details you need to know about the highest paid nurses in Ghana. If you are a practicing nurse interested in furthering your career to a higher rank, you need to know the salaries due each rank.

There are several categories/ranks of nurses in Ghana as specified by the Ministry of Health and Ghana Health Service. Which of these nurses earn the highest pay in Ghana?

To become a nurse in Ghana, you should have passed your WASSCE examination and met all the admission requirements set by the nursing school.

This post will answer the following questions

  • Ranks of nurses in Ghana
  • Salary of each ranks
  • The highest paid nurse in Ghana

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Categories/ranks of nurses in Ghana

According to the Nursing and Midwifery Council, the following are the various categories and ranks of clinical nurses in Ghana.

The list below is arranged in no order

  • Nurse practitioner
  • District director of nursing services (DDNS)
  • Director of Nursing Services (DNS)
  • Registered General Nurses
  • Degree nurses
  • Military nurses
  • Registered Midwifes
  • Registered Mental Nurses
  • Registered Community nurses
  • Nurse-assistant clinical
  • Nurse-assistant preventive
  • Enrolled nurses
  • Senior Enrolled nurse
  • Principal Enrolled Nurse
  • Post-basic or specialized nurses

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Now see the salaries of the categories of nurses above.

Nurse Salary
District Director of Nursing Services GHC 3,500.00
Director of Nursing Services GHC 3,200.00
Military Nurse GHC 2,600.00
Enrolled Nurse GHC 1,000.00
Registered General Nurse GHC 1,800.00
Community Health Nurse GHC 720.00
Registered General Midwife GHC 2,089.00
Specialized Nurse GHC 2,200.00
Nurse Practitioner GHC 2,200.00


Highest paid nurse in 2020

The District Director of Nursing Services (DDNS) is the highest paid nurse in Ghana, followed by the Director of Nursing Services. The average monthly salary of the District Director of Nursing Services DDNS ranges from GHS 3,203.00 – GHS 3,513.00

highest paid nurse in ghana

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