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Helga Feddersen Cause of Death: Full Details. September 2023

Helga Feddersen was a German actress, singer, author, theater director and actress. She was born on March 14, 1930 in Hamburg. Helga Feddersen took to acting at a very tender age. However, due to a cancer operation in 1955 which left her a bit disfigured, she was not cast for certain roles.

She started making appearances in comedies and she was mostly cast for productions set in Northern Germany. One of the notable films she featured in was the 1995 cinema adaptation of Thomas Mann’s classic novel, Buddenbrooks.

She played a role on Das Haus an der Stor in 1963 which became very successful. The writing talent of Helga Feddersen came to the fore in the late 1960s and over a period of 15 years, she worked on several scripts for TV movies and mini-series which turned to be successful.

Helga Feddersen was invited in 1971 to the Ohnsorg Theater.
Later in 1975, Helga Feddersen was featured in the series titled Ein Herz und eine Seele. It was the German adaptation of the British sitcom, Till Death Do Us Part, known in the United States of America as All In The Family.

Helga Feddersen Cause of Death

For the second time, Helga Feddersen was diagnosed with cancer in 1989. Due to that, she could not continue with theater but she made a comeback into acting in 1990 after overcoming the cancer.

She was once again diagnosed with cancer and she eventually died on November 24, 1990. Even before her death, she got married to Olli Maier. They had been together for more than 10 years. Helga Feddersen was buried in Stuttgart based on the request from her husband. He was rebuked for that decision as the late Helga Feddersen always considered Hamburg her home.


Helga Feddersen made appearances in many movies and some of these movies are Professor Nachtfalter (1951), The Buddenbrooks (1959), as Clothilde Buddenbrook, Girl from Hong Kong (1961), The Green Archer (1961), Stahlnetz: Das Haus an der Stör [de] (1963, TV), as Hildegard Fette, Stahlnetz: Strandkorb 421 [de] (1964, TV), as Hotel Chambermaid, The Priest of St. Pauli (1970), as Tine Poppenbüll, Der möblierte Herr (1971, TV film), as Berta Bliesemann and Revenge of the East Frisians (1974), as Frau Brünitz

She also worked on the screen writing for movies such as Vier Stunden von Elbe 1 [de] (1968, TV film), Gezeiten (1970, TV film), Sparks in Neu-Grönland [de] (1971, TV film), Im Fahrwasser (1971, TV film), Bismarck von hinten oder Wir schließen nie [de] (1974, TV film), and Kümo Henriette (1979–1982, TV series)


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