Heinrich Heine Cause of Death: Full Details

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Heinrich Heine was born on  December 13, 1797and he was a German poet, writer and journalist. He is considered one of the most important German authors of the 19th century. Heinrich Heine is also considered one of the last representatives and at the same time the conqueror of romanticism.

He was also a politically committed journalist, essayist, satirist and polemicist and as a matter of fact, Heinrich Heine was both feared and admired. He was banned from Banned from publishing by the German Confederation and as such, he spent some life in exile in Paris.

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The birthplace of Heinrich Heine is unknown and he was the eldest of four children. His parents were cloth merchant Samson Heine and his wife Betty (actually Peira), née van Geldern. The siblings of Heinrich Heine are Charlotte who was born on October 18, 1800, in Düsseldorf and died October 14, 1899, in Hamburg, Gustav born in 1803 in Düsseldorf and died November 15, 1886, in Vienna and Maximilian born in 1804.

Heinrich Heine attended Hein Hertz Rintelsohn’s Israelite private school from 1803 . He later moved to Max School on Citadellstrasse and later in 1807, he studied at Düsseldorf Lyceum, today’s Görres-Gymnasium. Heine left the Lyceum without a leaving certificate because, following family tradition, he was supposed to prepare for a commercial career at a commercial school in 1814.

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Heinrich Heine Cause of Death

In 1851, Heinrich Heine was convinced that he had contracted syphilis. This was based on the symptoms he was experiencing. Even though he was sick, he was still active in his intellectual creativity.

Other people reported that Heinrich Heine was suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or multiple sclerosis.Heinrich Heine died on February 17, 1856 . He was 58 years old at the time of his death. Heinrich Hein died in Paris and three days afterwards, he was buried in the Montmartre cemetery.

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Friendships and Marriage

Heinrich Heine in 1833, met the 18-year-old  Augustine Crescence Mirat . She was a shoe saleswoman. They lived together from October 1834 and got married seven years later.

They did not have any children. They got married on August 31, 1841, in Paris, in the church of St-Sulpice, at Mathilde’s request in the Catholic rite.



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