Heavy Duty Handheld Sewing Machine Price In Ghana

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A sewing machine is a machine that uses thread to sew fabric and other materials together.

During the first Industrial Revolution, sewing machines were designed to reduce the quantity of manual sewing work done in clothing factories.

Since the creation of the first sewing machine in 1790, the sewing machine has substantially enhanced the efficiency and production of the apparel industry. The sewing machine is typically credited to Englishman Thomas Saint.


Handheld sewing machines are ideal for small repairs and basic stitching needs.

With so many new models hitting the market, you might want to get a more in-depth look at handheld sewing machines. Dimensions, weight, power sources, and warranty were all essential criteria in our selection of the finest handheld sewing machines for 2022.

Types Of Handheld Sewing Machines

SINGER 01163 Handheld Sewing Machine

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SINGER is the brand behind the first handheld sewing machine on our list. In terms of both build and performance, the 01163 is projected to meet high standards. The 01163 is a well-designed, compact, and portable device that can be powered by either electricity or four AA batteries.

The sewing efficiency at higher speeds and the powerful motor are the hallmarks of this ultra-lightweight machine. It’s been reported to perform well on a variety of textiles, including wool, cotton, silk, leather, and denim, and is best suited for short repairs and mending jobs.

The SINGER 01163 is one of the top handheld sewing machines for 2020, according to sewing veterans, despite a few bad customer reviews, most of which stem from excessive expectations of handheld machines.


The SINGER 01163 is small and portable, making it excellent for all types of little mending and sewing operations. You can’t go wrong with SINGER if you’re searching for a portable sewing machine that’s perfect for vacations and little home repairs like curtain hems.

Needles, a threaded spindle, bobbins, and a needle threader are included with the machine. Although it can handle heavier materials like wool and denim, we recommend sticking to lighter textiles because that’s where these machines excel.

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The manual’s instructions make it simple to repair bedding, curtains, and other home items. It is powered by electricity, and you will need to purchase a power cord separately. It’s primarily powered by four AA batteries that aren’t included in the box. You’ll get a strong cordless gadget that’s lightweight and has a built-in power switch for added safety. The SINGER 01163 is only for on-the-spot repairs and is not an all-purpose portable sewing machine for larger sewing projects.


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Product Highlights

The MICHLEY LSS-202 portable sewing machine is a marvel of engineering. This sewing kit is small and light enough to carry under your shoulders, allowing you to sew all of the fundamental skills. It’s great for beginning seamstresses and children taking their first steps in the world of sewing because it’s not as big as a standard sewing machine and light enough to keep on your lap while working.


MICHLEY’s LSS-202 Lil’ Sew and Sew Mini has a two-speed motor, two-thread lockstitch, auto bobbin winder, and top drop-in bobbin system. A needle, a foot pedal, four bobbins, and a threader are all included. The LSS-202 comes with a 42-piece sewing kit, electric scissors, and a threading bag, allowing you to do all of your basic projects with ease.

Because of the top drop-in bobbin method, this is easily the ideal handheld sewing instrument for novices. It can sew any fabric, including silk and denim, and it has superb stitch control and double thread. It is powered by two AA batteries and can be started with either the foot pedal or the hand switch. It’s also one of the most cost-effective devices available.

Sunbeam Portable Cordless

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Product Highlights

Sunbeam’s handheld sewing machine, another popular brand, provides nearly all of the capabilities and features of its more expensive competitors. It’s lighter, portable, and comes in two color combinations: red and white and black and white.

This is only advised for stitching light fabrics and mending and little sewing repairs, as is the case with all handheld sewing machines.

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One of Sunbeam’s best products, this cordless, tiny sewing machine is ideal for basic tasks. The Sunbeam handheld sewing machine is the most affordable machine on our list, making it suitable for beginners and frequent travelers. This sewing machine is strong and ideal for making quick repairs. It’s perfect for short fixes like trouser hems, curtains and drapes, and unexpected holes and tears, as well as arts and crafts projects requiring basic sewing and stitching. This machine works well with a wide range of textiles, including denim, cotton, silk, nylon, and polyester.

The Sunbeam cordless portable sewing machine is powered by four AA batteries or an adapter, both of which must be purchased separately. This is a versatile pocket-sized handheld sewing gadget that is ideal for basic stitching and repairs.

SINGER 01664 Stitch Sew Quick

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Product Highlights

The SINGER 01664 is one of the industry’s more powerful portable sewing machines. It is a 2-thread repairing machine that is incredibly portable and is known for its superb build quality. It’s a terrific choice for quick repairs, and it’s also a breeze to work with while doing a straight stitch. It boasts an automatic threading mechanism that makes it a productive machine, as well as 2-way speed control and no need for a cord. The 01664 comes with a number of useful extras that make it more appealing to seamstresses.


Swinger’s 01664 is another fantastic tool that fits comfortably in your hand and can be used to mend curtains, garments, beds, and more. It’s a straight-stitching two-thread repairing machine that’s simple to use. With this machine, you receive 2-way speed control, which assists you with a wide range of repair needs. The SINGER 01664 has an automatic winding mechanism and comes with sewing equipment such as bobbins, needles, threads, and thread spindles.

The engineering of this machine reflects SINGER’s position as the industry leader in sewing machines. It’s well-made without being overly hefty, and it makes mending clothes a breeze. The 01164 is small enough to fit in your purse effortlessly. This portable sewing machine is powered by four AA batteries or a DC/AC adaptor. The batteries and adapters, like all other handheld sewing machines, must be purchased separately.

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KPCB Mini Handheld Sewing Machine

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Product Highlights

The KPCB tiny portable sewing machine is a simple sewing machine with a beautiful design that stitches straight lines. This machine features a thread cutter and a built-in bulb and is designed for simple stitching and handling of small items.

This compact sewing machine is designed for small children and is ideal for sewing soft jeans, denim, hard silk, cotton, linen, and hard wool fabrics. This KPCB is the best solution for you if you’re looking for a compact handheld sewing machine that runs on a battery or an adapter power supply.

Shopping bags, curtains, coin purses, aprons, and other soft fabric items have all been made and repaired on KPCB’s handheld sewing machine. We strongly advise altering the needle according on the fabric thickness or hardness.


This sewing machine is quite reasonable and comes with updated environmental material, making it more robust and cost-effective in the long run. The KPCB handheld sewing machine comes with a built-in lamp and thread cutter, as well as an extension table for more steady and smooth sewing.

With this machine, you have a cuff slot, which makes sewing pants and sleeves a breeze. Your sewing speed can be controlled in two ways using the foot pedal. When you turn on this handheld machine, it has a built-in winding pole and spool that makes rewinding and replacing bobbins a breeze.

The KPCB sewing machine is battery-operated and has good safety standards, since the adaptor has been certified by UL/ETL/CE. A three-month guarantee is included.

Heavy Duty Handheld Sewing Machine Price In Ghana

Based on it variety and brand, heavy duty handheld sewing machine ranges from ¢ 60 to ¢ 200. Prices may be different from dealership.

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