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Health Assistant salary in Ghana. May 2023

How much do health assistants in Ghana earn? What is monthly and annual salary of a registered health assistant in Ghana?

We will give you all the details you have to know in this post.

In Ghana, health assistants are trained under a two-year period in an accredited health training institution and awarded a Certificate in Enrolled Nursing.

In this post we are going to make know to you every detail you need to know about a health assistant’s pay in Ghana.


Components of their salary

  • Single spine salary
  • SS Market Premium
  • Covid 19 Income Tax Waiver

Salary deductions

  • Income tax
  • Social security contribution (SSNIT)
  • Nurses fund union deduction
  • GRNA Dues
  • SIC Policy Fund (Optional)
  • Nurses Building Levy Deductions


Salary of health assistant in Ghana

This is the salary of public sector workers. Private hospitals may pay higher or lower. A registered health assistant in Ghana earns an average monthly salary of GHS 1,472.00.


Annual salary of health assistants

A registered health assistant is expected to earn an annual pay of GHC 16,649.00.


Several factors come into play when determining the salary of health workers in Ghana. Some of these factors include the following:

  • Rank in the nursing field
  • Work experience
  • Qualification
  • Facility of service
  • And many more


Responsibilities/work scope of a health assistant

A registered health assistant has several roles in the clinical and community setting. Some of the responsibilities are listed below.

  • Patient education. They teach patients and family on disease prevention, personal hygiene, appropriate behavior, etc.
  • Undertake and demonstrate basic nursing task in the best interest of the patient with or without supervision.
  • Collaborate with other health care providers in patient assessment, planning, implementation, interventions and treatment.


Types of health assistant job in Ghana

There are two basic health assistant types in Ghana namely:

  • Nurse assistant clinical
  • Nurse assistant preventive


Health Assistant salary in a private hospital

Private hospital may pay its workers a little below or more of that of the public sector workers.

Health Assistants working in private health facilities are believed to be paid any amount ranging from GHS 1,000.00 – GHS 3,000.00 depending on the volume of work they do.

You can get more information from the facility you intend working at.



Aside the monthly pay given, there might be financial bonuses that comes directly from the facility he or she is working with.

Although the salary seems manageable, the high rate of living  may cause health workers to opt for a second job or start a business.

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