Hasan Kivran Children: Full Details

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Who are Hasan Kivran’s children? Does he have any children? Since you’re here, meaning you’re one of the many people who are interested in knowing about the children of Hasan Kivran.

In this write-up, we will provide you with all the detailed information we have about Hasan Kivran’s children.

Who Is Hasan Kivran? 

Hasan Kivran is a Turkish-German entrepreneur born on April 16, 1966, in Turkey. He moved with his family to Germany when he was six years old and has been living in the country since.

He gained popularity in 2015 after he became president of the football club SV Türkgücü Munich. Before that, he was mainly living a private life and running his company.

He owns a car leasing company where he acts as the managing director. After he became president of Türkgücü Munich in 2015, he made it his mission to do everything possible to make the club very competitive.

He then managed to get several brands on board to sponsor the club. His focus was mainly on Turkish brands because he ready had a few contacts there. He also added his investments to the sponsorships which helped to build the team.

They managed to gain promotion for three consecutive seasons from the Landesliga to the 3. Liga between 2018 and 2020. However, for some reason, the investor declared his intention to sell his shares and stop investing in the club.

He then changed his mind a month later in January 2021. According to him, his reason for wanting to sell his shares was because he lacked the support of the community.

Who Are Hasan Kivran Children? 

As much as thousands of internet users are eager to know about the children of Hasan Kivran, we are currently unable to furnish our readers with such information.

All investigations by us to try to find out about the children of Hasan Kivran (if any) did not yield any positive results. The Türkgücü Munich football club investor hasn’t opened up about his children.

As a result, we at ghanainsider.com do not have any information about them. We cannot confirm if he even has any children or not.

However, we will continue to keep tabs on him and update this write-up as and when we get anything new.

Hasan Kivran Wife 

Kivran has been private about his personal life. Since he came into the spotlight in 2015 thereabouts after he invested in Türkgücü Munich football club, he hasn’t really granted any interviews about his family.

As a result, we do not have any information about his wife (if any)

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