Has Johnny Logan Divorced?

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Johnny Logan, born Seán Patrick Michael Sherrard on May 13, 1954, in Frankston, Victoria, is a legendary Irish singer and musician known for his remarkable achievements in the Eurovision Song Contest. With a career spanning several decades, Logan has made a lasting impact on the world of music and entertainment.

Early Life

Johnny Logan’s musical journey began with a rich family heritage in music. His father, Charles Alphonsus Sherrard, was a renowned Irish tenor known as Patrick O’Hagan. Interestingly, Logan’s birth in Australia was a result of his father’s tour, but the family relocated to Ireland when Johnny was three years old.

From a young age, Logan showed a keen interest in music and began learning the guitar. By the age of 13, he was already composing his songs. Despite his early passion for music, Logan initially pursued a career as an electrician while performing in pubs and cabaret acts.

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One of his early notable roles was starring as Adam in the 1977 Irish musical “Adam and Eve” and as Joseph in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.”


In 1980, Johnny Logan made his mark in the Eurovision Song Contest with the Shay Healy-penned song “What’s Another Year.” Representing Ireland, Logan won the Eurovision Song Contest on April 19, captivating audiences with his powerful performance. The song not only became a European hit but also topped the charts in multiple countries, including the UK.

Seven years later, in 1987, Johnny Logan returned to the Eurovision Song Contest with his self-penned song “Hold Me Now.” Once again, Logan emerged victorious, becoming the first artist to win the contest twice as a lead singer. “Hold Me Now” achieved chart-topping success in Ireland, Israel, and Belgium, solidifying Logan’s status as a Eurovision icon.

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Johnny Logan’s involvement in Eurovision extended beyond his performances. He composed two Eurovision-winning songs for Linda Martin – “Terminal 3” in 1984 (second place) and “Why Me?” in 1992. This made Logan one of only five individuals to have composed two winning Eurovision entries.

Logan’s career continued to flourish, especially in Scandinavian countries. His 2007 album, “The Irish Connection,” achieved platinum status in Denmark, double platinum in Norway, and gold in Sweden. Over the years, he has maintained his presence in the music industry, occasionally touring and recording new music.

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Apart from his music career, Johnny Logan has made appearances on various television shows. He participated in a Eurovision-special episode of “Never Mind the Buzzcocks” in the UK in 2002. His song “Hold Me Now” became an anthem for Bohemian F.C. fans, played with enthusiasm at their matches.

Has Johnny Logan Divorced?

Johnny Logan is married to his wife, Ailis, and their three children, Adam, Fionn, and Jack. Additionally, he is believed to have a daughter, Robyn, born in 1988, with Turkish belly dancer and actress Burçin Orhon. However, Logan is still married to his wife Allis, and they have been together for 47 years.




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