Hans Moser Cause of Death: Full Details

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Hans Moser was born on August 6, 1980, and was an Austrian actor. His main speciality was comedy films and he was focused on that till he died. While alive, Hans Moser made appearances in over 150 films and he was associated with the genre of the Wiener Film.

Most of the time, Hans Moser played the role of a man in the street or a servant, waiter, porter, shopkeeper, coachman, petty bureaucrat, etc in films.

He also played the roles of honest, moral and well-intentioned people who were unable to keep their calm and think clearly in crucial situations.

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Hans Moser was normally known for mumbling indistinctly for comic effect rather than pronouncing words and sentences rightly and clearly.

For most of the movies of Hans Moser, he featured the likes of Paul Horbiger, Theo Lingen, Oskar Sima as well as Arnie Rosar. Not only was he a comic actor but he was also a serious actor, especially on stage as well as in musical films.

Hans Moser Cause of Death

Hans Moser died in Vienna in 1964. At the time of his death, he was 83 years old. The cause of death of Hans Moser can be attributed to complications related to emphysema.

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Hans Moser Filmography

Over the years that Hans Moser was active in the acting fraternity, he was featured in a lot of films. Some of these films were The Tales of Hoffmann (1923), The City Without Jews (1924, based on the novel by Hugo Bettauer), Red Heels (1925), Grandstand for General Staff (1926), Madame Dares an Escapade (1927), The Family without Morals (1927), Darling of the Gods (1930) and Money on the Street (1930)

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Others are Marriage with Limited Liability (1931), No Money Needed (1932), Madame Wants No Children (1933), Gently My Songs Entreat (1933), The Young Baron Neuhaus (1934), Spring Parade (1934)Polish Blood (1934) and The Secret of Cavelli (1934).

The likes of The Schimeck Family (1935), Suburban Cabaret (1935), Winter Night’s Dream (1935), The World’s in Love (1935), Heaven on Earth (1935), Circus Saran (1935), Last Stop (1935) and A Hoax (1936) also form part of the filmography of Hans Moser.






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