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Hans Albin’s Biography, Wikipedia

Hans Albin can be described as a  German actor, screenwriter, film director and film producer of very high repute . Hans Albin  is said to have been  born on  July 27 , 1905 in Berlin. However,  Hans Albin was reported dead on September 5, 1988 in Munich. As a  German actor, it must be established  that Hans Albin has featured in a lot of films.

Some of these films that he has to his credit over the years include 1932: Der Diamant des Zaren ,1933: Homecoming to Happiness , 1933: Three blue boys, one blonde girl – , 1934: Fräulein Frau , 1934: Zigeunerblut ,1934: Die große Chance ,1934: The Four Musketeers ,1934: Heute Abend bei mir ,1934: Der Springer von Pontresina ,1934: Heinz im Mond, 1934: Schwarzer Jäger Johanna ,1934: Da stimm was nicht, 1934: Love conquers , 1935: Night of the Metamorphosis and 1937: Der Mustergatte .

Others that form part of filmography  are 1938: The Detours of the Beautiful Karl – Director: Carl Froelich – Main actors: Heinz Rühmann, Karin Hardt and 1941: The Funnel no. 11 – Director: Werner Malbran – (short film). Hans Albin also directed a lot of films before he eventually died.

Some of his directed films are 1941: In der Apotheke – (short film), 1941: Harmony of Movement – (short film), 1941: The Funnel no. 14 – (short film), 1952: Carnival in White, 1954: Frühlingslied, 1956: IA in Upper Bavaria and 1956: II-A in Berlin,1956: Goodbye at Lake Constance. Hans Albin also directed 1957: Egon, the Heroine, 1961: Three White Birches and 1961: Love is Beautiful at Königssee.

Hans Albin’s Height, Weight

Details about his height and weight are unavailable.

Hans Albin’s Net Worth

The  net worth of Hans Albin is estimated to be $ 1 million.

Hans Albin’s Age, Birth Date

Hans Albin was born on  July 27, 1905, and died at the age of 83.

Hans Albin’s Parents

The details about the parents of Hans Albin are not available as of now . The details would be updated subsequently when they become available.

Hans Albin’s Girlfriend, Wife, Children

Details about his wife and children are also unavailable.

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