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Hamdi Cerchez was a Romanian comedy actor with roots in Turkey. He was born on May 4, 1941. He was born in Hârșova. It must be noted that he graduated from the Mircea cel Batrân National College in Constanța and he is one person that stands for his talent, modesty and selflessness.

Over the years that Hamdi Cerchez was an actor, he made appearances in a lot of films. In the year 1965, Hamdi Cerchez played roles in Titanic Waltz (1965) and Gaudeamus igitur (1965).

He also brought to the fore his acting prowess in the film titled Uprising which was produced and released in 1966.

In the 1970s, Hamdi Cerchez featured in some films and they are Road in the Shadows (1972), Hoax (1974), Three Secret Letters (1974), The City Seen From Above (1975), Tănase Scatiu (1976), Anger (1978), Billionaire Nea Mărin (1979) – mobster Moe and Alone Among Friends (1979).

In 1982, Hamdi Cerchez was part of the cast for Sword Swallower and later in 1984, he played roles in A Patch of Sky and Action “Zuzuc”.

Other films to the credit of Hamdi Cerchez include  Period…and Over (1987), The Telephone (1992), The Jesters(TV) (1992), and I’m Free! (TV) (1990), The Duelists (TV) (1983), The Inn (TV) (1983) and The Waiting (1970).

Hamdi Cerchez Cause of Death

Hamdi Cerchez died on March 6, 1994 in Instanbul. He was buried at the Muslim cemetery in Constanța. However, as of now, there is certainty with respect to what caused the death of Hamdi Cerchez.

Hamdi  Cerchez  Net Worth

According to https://networthpost.org, the net worth of Hamdi  Cerchez is estimated at $1.1 Million and most of his wealth was amassed through music. It is also reported that he graduated from the Institute of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography in 1964. His debut so far as acting is concerned was when he played a role in the movie  Gaudeamus igitur.

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