Günter Rapp Cause of Death: Full Details

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Günter Rapp was born in 1933 in  Schwerta near Marklissa , Lauban district. Günter Rapp was so much involved in the research of mills , especially windmills , in East Germany.He also behind an extensive archive of materials and, above all, photographs relating to his research area.

Günter Rapp began researching and documenting windmills in 1964 and from the onset, he limited himself to objects in Upper Lusatia. Subsequently, he expanded his tentacles and started researching and documenting to cover the entire territory of the GDR.

It must be noted that part of the work of Günter Rapp also concerned mills in areas in Poland and the Czech Republic that were formerly part of Germany. He created a chronicle about windmills

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Günter Rapp initially learned the profession of ribbon weaver. Günter Rapp took part in the III. World Youth Festival in Görlitz as an athlete and also worked as a prison guard in the prison in Görlitz. He was a member of the People’s Police.

It must be noted that due to his work as a prison guard in the prison in Görlitz, Günter Rapp worked on a collection of materials about the Görlitz court system. It must be noted that he also worked in the administration of the municipal cemetery in Görlitz from the early 1980s.

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Günter Rapp had as many as 14,000 black-and-white 35mm photographs of mills and their surroundings. These 14,000 black-and-white 35mm photographs of mills were part of his estate. He had documented the view from the mill mountains and some of the documentation he worked on, contains some of the only known photographs of certain objects. This gives credence to the history of East German mills.

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The Upper Lusatian Library of Science in Görlitz in 1990 got possession of the archives of Günter Rapp. It contained 1,700 positives and texts but the negatives were taken over by the Deutsche Fotothek in 2005. Deutsche Fotothek then digitized the entire image collection.

Günter Rapp Cause of Death

Günter Rapp died on February 17, 1990 in Görlitz . He was 57 years old at the time of his death. The cause of his death is not immediately known.



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