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Goodwill Tiles Prices In Ghana. Full Details. June 2023

Sometimes looking for high-quality tiles at the best price for your project can be pretty challenging. However, we at Ghana Insider have placed it upon ourselves to help you tick this box very quickly. 

In this article, I will take you through the prices of one of the best quality floor and wall tiles on the market. If you were guessing which brand I am talking about, it is none other than Goodwill Tiles. 

But before I get to the price of Goodwill tiles, let’s learn something brief about tiles and why it has an insatiable demand on the market.

A tile is a manufactured product made of stone, metal, rubber, ceramics, glass, or clay that is used to decorate floors, walls, roofs, and other objects. The majority of tiles are square or rectangular in shape, although others are curved.

Table of Contents

Goodwill Deals In The Following Product

  • Floor tiles
  • Wall tiles
  • sinks
  • Other bathroom accessories 

Goodwill Tiles Prices In Ghana

The prices of Goodwill tiles is hugely dependant on the size, texture and design. Goodwill tiles are mostly used for interior decoration of living rooms, offices, baths and others. Goodwill tiles cost between GHS 70.00 to GHS 90.00 depending on the factors listed above. 

To make the right estimate for your project please contact your tiler to aid you so as to prevent any inconveniences.

Where To Buy Goodwill Tiles In Ghana  

You can get Goodwill tiles at any certified building material supplier near you or you can visit their official Facebook page for more enquiries.

Contact Goodwill Tiles 

ADDRESS: GoodWill tiles distributors, Accra, Ghana

PHONE NUMBER:+233 243 769 642
MOBILE PHONE: 0243769642


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