Giuliana, Guido Maria Brera’s First Wife: Full Details

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Guido Maria Brera is an Italian business executive and writer He was born on August 27, 1969, and he is known to be the Chief Investment Officer for asset management of Kairos Partners SGR SpA.

He is also the co-founder and minority shareholder of the Kairos group. Guido Maria Brera grew up in the
San Saba neighborhood. His father was a bank employee and his mother a housewife.

Concerning education, Guido Maria Brera attended the University of Rome “La Sapienza”  and successfully graduated. After school, he relocated to Milan in 1994 and later moved to London. Guido Maria Brera started working within the  Fineco Group in 1994.

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He was then the manager of the Cisalpino Bilanciato fund and the Cisalpino Indice fund. Later on, he became responsible for the proprietary trading at Giubergia Warburg. Guido Maria Brera became co-founder and administrator of the Kairos group in 1999. The  Kairos group focuses its activities in the private banking and asset management sector.

Giuliana, Guido Maria Brera’s First Wife

Guido Maria Brera has been married to the television presenter Caterina Balivo since 2014. They have two children; Guido Alberto and Cora. Guido Maria Brera divides his time living in London, Milan and Rome.

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Guido Maria Brera is noted to have two children from a previous marriage. He is believed to have married one Giuliana but as of now, there aren’t any details on her.

Some of the works of Guido Maria Brera include The Devils, Milan, Rizzoli, 2014, Everything is Shattered and Dancing, Milan, La nave di Teseo, 2017, The end of Time, Milan, La nave di Teseo, 2020, Candide, Milan, La nave di Teseo, 2021 and Tell me what you see from there. A Keynesian novel, Solferino, Milan, 2022.

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Guido Maria Brera released The Devils in 2014 and it was his first novel with autobiographical overtones and talks about the story of the Italian financier Massimo Ruggero who lived in London for 20 years and was raised professionally by the ruthless businessman Dominic Morgan.

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