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Gil Ofarim can be described as a German singer, songwriter, and actor, also known as the lead singer of the bands Zoo Army and Acht. Gil Ofarim was born on August 13, 1982, and he is currently 41 years old. He was born to Israeli musician Abi Ofarim (1937–2018) and his third wife Sandra.

Gil Ofarim was the first child of his parents and he has a younger brother, Tal, a musician, who was born in 1984. He is known to be fluent in German, Hebrew and English. Gil Ofarim also sings in English and German.

It must be noted that the career of Gil Ofarim started off in May 1997. This was when he was spotted in a Munich underground station by a talent scout for Bravo magazine. A publication on Gil Ofarim generated thousands of letters from fans and through that Gil Ofarim had a recording contract with BMG. He released his first single “Round ‘n’ Round (It Goes)” in November 1997.

The single made it to the list of Top 40 hits in Germany. Over the years, he has released so many singles and albums.

Some of the singles Gil Ofarim has to his credit include “Round ’n’ Round (It Goes)” (1997), “Never Giving Up Now” (1998), “If You Only Knew” (featuring The Moffatts) (1998), “Here I Am” (1998), “Let the Music Heal Your Soul” (featuring Various Artists) (1998), “Talk to You” (1998), “Calling” (1998) (featuring Karylle) and “Walking Down the Line” (1999). Others are “Out of My Bed (Still in My Head)” (1999), “It’s Your Love” (2000), “The Reason” (2003), “She” (2003 – not released), “In Your Eyes” (2004), “I’m Alive” (Zoo Army) (2006) and “Still” (Acht) (2010).

Gil Ofarim released the album titled Here I Am on May 25, 1998, and it was on RCA Local. He also released The Album on May 2, 2000, on the label known as Ariola. Other albums he has include On My Own and Alles auf Hoffnung. Alles auf Hoffnung was released on February 28, 2020, on the label We Love Music and On My Own was released on May 26, 2003, on the label, Neotone.

Gil Ofarim Net Worth

It must be noted that pegs the net worth of Gil Ofarim at $5 million.

However, the net worth of Gil Ofarim is said to be $1.4 million according to

Net Worth also pegs the net worth of Gil Ofarim  at $11 million.

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