Gianni Brezza’s Children. Everything you need to know

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Gianni Brezza was born in Pola on November 9, 1937. Brezza is a well-known Italian dancer, choreographer, director, and actress. Her life story is a wonderful story of love and commitment.

Early Life

Gianni Brezza was born into the Brezach family and spent his early years closely associated with the city of Pola. His family moved to La Spezia during the post-war evacuation of Istrians. Having lost both of his parents and being fascinated by the sea, Brezza decided to enlist in the Italian Navy. Along with his classmates, he was selected by director Francesco De Robertis to appear in the 1958 film “Ragazzi della Marina” while serving.


Brezza relocated to Rome in the early 1960s to pursue his filmmaking goals following four years of military duty. In addition to his movie performances, he started a dance career. He was a swift riser in the Rai dance company, where his statuesque stature and dancing prowess won him a highly sought-after place.

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He danced with legends such as Mina, Raffaella Carrà, Sandra Mondaini, Sylvie Vartan, Rita Pavone, and Lola Falana, appearing in major variety shows during the 1960s and 1970s, such as “Canzonissima,” “Studio Uno,” “Doppia Coppia” (1969), “Ciao Rita” (1971), “Per un gradino in più” (1971), and “Milleluci” (1974).

Gianni Brezza changed directions in the middle of the 1970s, giving up dancing as a job owing to age concerns and committing himself to a career as a captain.Brezza first gained notoriety as the featured dancer in the nightly variety shows that Rai aired in the 1960s and 1970s. He was the first pick for the Rai dance group because of his graceful and athletic style, which solidified his position as the group’s principal dancer.

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But when he partnered with Loretta Goggi on a personal and professional level in the 1980s and subsequently married her, his life took an unexpected turn.Gianni Brezza committed himself to Loretta Goggi’s career in the years that came after, acting as her manager, photographer, PR agent, choreographer, and even an image curator in her early years.

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Goggi achieved the highest level of artistic development under Brezza’s tutelage, emerging as one of the 1980s’ most prosperous presenters in a string of hugely successful shows that Brezza frequently directed and wrote.In the 2000s, Gianni Brezza continued to support Loretta Goggi’s career by directing her in plays such as “SPA – Solo Per Amore” (2010-2011) and “Se stasera sono qui” (2006-07).

Who are Gianni Brezza’s Children?

On 26 April 2008, Gianni Brezza and Loretta Goggi got married after 30 years together. However, Gianni Brezza had no children at the time of his death. References

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