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There is no way a country can do without a correction department looking at the prevalence of crime and other social vices in various societies, and Ghana is no exception. 

Ghana’s version of the correction department is the Ghana Prisons Service. In this article, I will take you through the salaries of the gallant patriots who always put their life on the line to protect the public against convicts who have been brought to books by the law. 

But before I take you through their salaries, let’s learn something brief about the Ghana Prison Service. 

About Ghana Prisons Service 

The Ghana Prisons Service is in charge of keeping prisoners safe and their welfare, reformation, and rehabilitation. The Ministry of the Interior has control over it.

The Prisons Service Council, an advisory and supervisory body, oversees the prison service. Its responsibilities include advising the President on “policy topics relating to the organization and upkeep of Ghana’s prison system.”

The Controller-General of Prisons and two Deputy Controller-General of Prisons, seven Controllers of Prisons, and other major officeholders are housed at the Prisons Headquarters in the Greater Accra region.

In Ghana, there are 47 prison facilities, including twelve main male prisons. Akuse, Kumasi, Sekondi, Tamale, Nsawam, Ho, Sunyani, Navrongo, Wa, Tarkwa, Winneba, and Cape Coast have male prisons.

Akuse, Ho, Nsawam, Sekondi, Sunyani, Kumasi, and Tamale are among the country’s seven biggest female prisons. There are other local prisons scattered across the country.

The Open Camp Prisons of James Camp near Accra and Ankaful in Cape Coast are both located near Accra. Females make up about 2% of the jail population in Ghana’s prisons, accommodating between 11,000 and 14,000 convicts.

Now let’s look at the salaries of officers in the Ghana Prisons service. 

Ghana Prisons Service Salary

The number of years in service is the main factor in determining officers’ salaries in the Ghana Prisons Service. Basically, the higher the number of years you spend in the service, the higher your salary. Below is a breakdown of the salaries of prison staff according to their years of experience. 

A Prison Officer with less than 2 years of experience in the service earns approximately GHS 1,390.00 per month.

A Prison Officer with a working experience of between 2 to 5 years earns 23 % more than someone with less than 2 years working experience. That is GHS 1,710.00 per month.

Fast forward, an experienced officer with a working experience of more than 5 years but less than 10 years earn approximately GHS 2,420.00 per month.

NOTE: Ghana Prisons Service also pay according to ranks in the service. Therefore, your rank will have a huge influence on your salary. A graduate in the service earns more than an SHS leaver in the service. 

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