Ghana Beads. Their Meaning And Significance.

Waits beads are traditional African accessory which is made of a small ball with a hole through the middle basically made of glass or seeds.

Ghana beads show the unique heritage a tribe or the country possess.

For example, beads are both treasured and profoundly honoured in Ghanaian culture.

Beads play an important role in terms of rites and customs of the people.

Primarily, Ghana beads are considered items of decoration.

However, they could serve several purposes such as communication, expressing of ideas, messaging or sending signals and used as symbols to mean something.

Ghanaian beads testify Ghanaian’s creativity.

Aside being used around the waist Ghanaian beads are used as anklets, bracelets and necklace.

Ghanaian beads could also be used in making of bags and clothes.

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Historical meaning and Significance of Ghana beads?

Beads have formed part of our western culture. Ghana beads have historical meaning and currently, they exist.

They include:

  1. Femininity

Ghanaian beads are one of the replicated items of personal adornment when worn. Traditionally and culturally, different colours of beads are worn around the waist of a woman to draw attention to and to enhance her femininity.

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Although, connotations around it are there. Specifically, in Krobo and Asante cultures, mothers present Ghanaian waist beads to their daughters to portray that they are coming of age.

Also, larger beads or bells are added once she reaches sexual maturity. They had some traditionally meaning that when she walks, the beads produce a sound to inform potential suitors of the people around her.

  1. Weight control tool

Ghana waist beads serve as a weight control tool. Fortunately, most Ghanaians know how to check their weights using the beads.

That is, if they roll up the beads, it signals you that they have lost waist. 

  1. Spiritual energy

Since our ancestors, beads in Ghanaian culture have long been believed as vessels of spiritual energy. This means the beads worn by Ghanaians are considered to carry some spiritual energy.

Since many tribes in Ghana are still animistic in faith, bone beads made from cattle are of specific importance.

  1. Celebrations and festivals

Ghanaians among the likes of Asantes, Krobos, Akuapems, Fantes and others use the Ghana beads for celebrations of festivals. They do this to convey the heritage of the tribe to others.

Ghana Beads. Their Meaning And Significance. 2

On these occasions, thousands of Ghanaians groom themselves with various strands of beads with different colours.

  1. Trading currency

In the olden days, our ancestors used beads as a trading currency. Tons of beads of different shapes and sizes were exchanged for other commodities or items.


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One importance of Ghana beads is that they are protected by the Ghana Beads Society and it is the first of its kind in Africa.

There are different styles of Ghanaian beads which include Krobo power glass beads, recycled glass beads, brass beads, chevron beads and others.

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