Ghana Audit Service Salary Structure


The Ghana Audit Service contribute greatly to the economy and finances of both the country Ghana and her people. Giving advice to companies and businesses, pointing out profits and loss, risks that will be involved in a type of business or contract.

They help organizes company papers and put everything in order. Let us look at the ranks of the Auditors and their duties.


Ghana Audit Service Ranks and their Duties

Deputy Auditor-General – Legal: the Deputy Auditor-General – Legal develops and carry out the department’s yearly legal plan and also helps to collect ideas on the preparation of the Audit service policies, yearly strategies and plans and their execution.

He or she leads any case of prosecution and defense for the service. These and many other functions of the Deputy Auditor General- Legal.


Director of Audit: the Director of Audit add towards the preparation and execution of the policies, strategies and annual plans of the department. He or she supervises the drafting of the Section annual legal audit plan. Make sure of the execution of the legal guidelines and methodologies of the audit.

The Director of Audit again make sure that there is a periodic progressive report. He or she also contribute to the development of the departments annual budget. This and many other functions are performed by the Director of Audit.


Assistant Director of Audit: also contribute to the preparation of the departments annual policies, strategies and plans and their execution. The Assistant Director of Audit prepare a daft for the department’s annual audit plan and make sure the policies and plans are carried out in their right way.

The Assistant Director of Audit adds to the development and execution of the the guidelines and methodologies for the audit.

He or she drafts progressive and annual reports and also review and assesses the effectualness of the internal control system. The Assistant Director of Audit assesses the performance of the subordinate in the department and see to it that they work as they ought.


Principal Auditor: the Principal Auditor contribute to the yearly plan, strategies and policies of the department and help with ways to execute it.

He or she also together with the Department Head develop a drafted audit report. He or she again assesses the effectiveness of the management controls and assesses the performance of management system and that of the subordinates.

He or she keeps department’s working papers after the audit process is over. Check up on subordinates and make sure they work in the right way and see to it that all audit assignments are completed before the given date. This and many other roles are played by the Principal Auditor.


Senior Auditor: the Senior Auditor keep an eye on the subordinates and make sure they are working as they ought to. He or she also is part of the team that reviews the management control to see its effectiveness.

The Senior Auditor contribute to writing a report for the audit and also make ready working papers for submission to the Department Head. This and many more roles are performed by the Senior Auditor.


Auditor: the Auditor performs basic auditing roles, working with the team to prepare the plan of action of the audit and the ways for completing audit tasks.

The Auditor makes sure that all the rules and regulations for carrying out audit duties are being followed. They use enough working papers to go about audit duties. They also other duties assigned to them in the course of their work.


Assistant Auditors: the Assistant Auditor makes sure working papers are intact for review when the audit process is over. They make sure audit observations are prepared to be submitted to the department Head.

Make sure work is completed before the given date and can perform any other duty assigned in the course of their work.


General Roles of the Ghana Audit Service

The Audit service:

  1. Designs and perform audit processes that deals with risks are errors of financial statements to get audit evidence that is appropriate to communicate what the auditor thinks.

2. Acquire an understanding of the internal control of groups that are important to the audit so as to design audit processes that befits the group situation.

3. The audit service evaluates accounting policies and estimates to see its propriety and rationality and also evaluate affiliated accounting disclosures made by directors.

4. The audit service gives conclusions on the propriety of the accounting policies and estimates on the going concerns of a group. To state whether there are doubts about a group continuing as a going concern or can go ahead and continue as a going concern.

5. Audit Service organizes and evaluates the overall structure and content of a financial statement of companies and businesses together with its audit disclosures. This give an accurate and understandable view for all.


Ghana Audit Service Salary in Ghana.

Salary for Auditors in Ghana varies depending on their ranks. The higher your rank, the more you are paid.

Ghana Auditors salary ranges from GHS2,620 – GHS7,150 per month.

That is quite a huge amount to enjoy monthly. The work of auditors is worth the amount they are paid because it auditing you have to ensure accuracy


Ghana Audit Service Contact Details

P.O.Box M96

Ministries Block ‘O’ Osu.

Ministries Accra, Ghana


Telephone : +233(0)302664928 / +233(0)302664921


Email: [email protected]

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