GETFund Scholarship. How to Apply and More

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Do you want to be awarded the GETFund Scholarship and how to apply? Then continue reading because all you need to know is here.

Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFund) is a Ghanaian government initiative to sponsor the education of Ghanaian students to study abroad for either master’s or PhD degree.

The GETFund initiative was established by a law of Parliament, to support the Scholarship Secretariat with extra funding to help students who receives a scholarship.

Aside the funding for students education, GETFund also supply educational institutions with educational resources.

Who Can Apply For GET FUND Scholarship?

The host for this scholarship is the government of Ghana. GET Fund scholarship is only for Ghanaian students.

A Ghanaian student, who has a first degree is eligible to apply. To study their master’s degree program in a foreign university.

Students who also have master’s degree can be funded by GET Fund to pursue their PhD program overseas.

The scholarship has no specific number of offers, you only have to apply on time so not to miss the deadline.

How Much is GETFund Scholarship Worth?

The scholarship is a full one which is made up of; paid-tuition and other expenses like residential and others are also taken care of.

That is the how much the scholarship amounts. It a very great opportunity.

What is the Chance that You Will Have GET Fund Scholarship?

When you meet all the requirements, your chance of getting the scholarship is high. What are the requirements then? Check it out below.

Requirements For The Get Fund Scholarship

The requirements includes:

  • An Application Letter(Declaring intents)
  • Proof of Nationality (national voter’s ID, Ghana Card, etc)
  • Copy of Admission letter to the foreign school you intend to attend.
  • Fee Schedule from the school abroad.
  • Copy of 1st-degree certificate from the university you attended
  • A copy of your transcript from your previous tertiary institution, which is appropriately endorsed to be a true copy.
  • Copy of National Service Certificate you were issued after completing the service.
  • A copy of Curriculum Vitae.

How To Apply For GET Fund Scholarship

Applicants should submit an application letter to the GET Fund Administrator, declaring their intents.

When applying, you must follow sternly a procedure, to be considered for the scholarship. Find below a procedure to follow.

  1. Go to the scholarship site at
  2. Fill the form that will appear on your screen by truthfully entering your the required information.
  3. Go over the form, ensuring that all the information you provided are true and reliable.
  4. Download the application form you have filled by clicking on the highlighted “Click to download form” at the top.
  5. Once again look through to see if all is correct.
  6. Print the form for submission.
  7. Include the following materials:
  • 3 passport pictures (standard size), with the name of the applicant at the back
  • A duplicate letter of admission, which is authorised.
  • A brief description of what you want to study.
  • A medical certificate obtained from a government medical officer for public health

8. Submit the letter to the registrar of applications in your institution.

The registrar of your institution will submit the applications to the desk of the GET Fund reception for processing.


  1. Application form must be completed for at least three days.
  2. Application must be submitted to the registrar of the applicants institution.
  3. Also, applicants can visit the GET Fund Accra Office to make their application.

Who Should the GET Fund Application Be Addressed To?

The application must be addressed below:

The Administrator


P.O.Box MB, 254


Application Deadline

The deadline for the GETFund scholarship is 31st June. The scholarship is opened to all Ghanaian graduate who wants to advance and do their master’s or PhD overseas.

Kindly make sure to submit the application on time, making sure all necessary information are provided.

The application mostly starts in March.

If you have missed it already, gird up your lions for next year and follow Ghanainsider to be informed.

GETFund Contact

Should in case you encounter any difficulties during your application or have an enquiry to make, use the contact details below.

+233 302 776595

+233 302 762531

+233 302 762558

+233 27 0762558


[email protected]


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