Gerrit Huy’s Husband. Is She Married? Full Details

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Gerrit Huy can be described as a former German top manager. Gerrit Huy was born on May 13, 1953. She is currently 70 years old and serves as right-wing politician of AfD. It must be noted that Gerrit Huy has been a member of the Bundestag since 2021.

Gerrit Huy is said to live in the West German city of Braunschweig and with respect to education, she is said to be well-educated. She had her studies at the  John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University on a scholarship. She had her high school diploma in Hamburg and her diploma studies was in Mathematics and Economics.

She is said to have graduated from Harvard University in Cambridge with a Master of Public Administration. Some of the positions Gerrit Huy holds include (Director of Advanced Development and Product Planning (Mercedes), Director of Telecommunications and Media Services Daimler Benz Interservices AG) and Chairman of Compaq Computer Germany.

She also practices as management consultant for venture capital. Gerrit Huy is head of the AfD Federal Committee for Labor and Social Affairs and she was involved in drawing up the AfD’s social concept.

It must be noted that while she was at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, she got noticed by Edzard Reuter. Edzard Reuter made her his personal assistant in 1986. Gerrit Huy then became a worker within the Daimler Group.

Gerrit Huy was the first female member of the board of directors of the Daimler group as of 1997 and it was for eleven months. Subsequently, in 2017, Gerrit Huy joined and became a member of the AfD.

She decided to join the AfD because of the fact that the refugee policy of the federal government at the time was too liberal for her.

Gerrit Huy’s Husband. Is She Married?

Gerrit Huy is said to be married with three children. However, there is no information of who her husband is.

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