Gerhard Schroeder’s Fortune. All you need to know

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Gerhard Schröder, a well-known political figure in Germany, has had a long and distinguished career that goes beyond politics. Schröder, who was born in Mossenberg, Germany, on April 7, 1944, has made a tremendous impact in both the public and business sectors as well as served as Germany’s Chancellor.


Early in the 1970s, Gerhard Schröder joined the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), which marked the beginning of his political career. He steadily advanced through the ranks, eventually taking office as Lower Saxony’s Premier in 1990. He reached the apex of his political career in 1998 when Helmut Kohl was succeeded as Chancellor of Germany by him.

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Significant changes were started in Germany under Schröder’s leadership as chancellor, most notably the Agenda 2010, a set of labor market and social welfare reforms intended to solve economic issues. His pragmatic and modernizing leadership style during his seven years in government attracted both acclaim and criticism.

Following his time as chancellor, Gerhard Schröder pursued other endeavors outside of politics. His engagement in the energy sector was one of the most important breakthroughs. Schröder was appointed head of the shareholders committee for Nord Stream AG, the firm in charge of running the Nord Stream pipeline that links Germany and Russia.

Significant attention has also been paid to his connections to Russia. He agreed to the Nord Stream pipeline agreement in 2005, which strengthened Germany and Russia’s energy cooperation. Schröder’s close friendship with Russian President Vladimir Putin has generated discussion and controversy.

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Gerhard Schroeder’s Fortune

The public has been interested in learning more about Gerhard Schröder’s financial life and riches. His riches have been a result of his engagement with Nord Stream AG and other energy-related businesses. Schröder has an estimated net worth of $20 million.

Personal Life

The chapters of Gerhard Schröder’s marriage are many. In 1968, he wed Eva Schubach for the first time; nevertheless, their marriage ended in 1972. Soon after, in 1972, he married Anne Taschenmacher, although their union only lasted until 1984. Hiltrud “Hillu” Hampel entered his life in 1984 and became his wife; nevertheless, their paths parted in 1997. Doris Schröder-Köpf was Gerhard Schröder’s new love interest when they first met in 1997, however, their marriage ended in 2018.

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Notably, Doris Köpf brought into their family a daughter from a prior union with a television journalist, and they all resided together. In July 2004, Schröder and Köpf adopted a kid from Saint Petersburg, increasing their family. In 2018, when Gerhard Schröder married Kim So-Yeon.



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