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Georg Brintrup is a well-known German filmmaker, screenwriter, and film producer who became an Italian citizen in 2015. His distinctive style of fusing fiction, documentary, and experimental film has had a lasting impact on the film industry. His work path displays a deep-seated love of narrative and a tenacious quest for artistic creativity.


Georg Brintrup was born in Münster on October 25, 1950. Before starting his official education, Brintrup entered the world of underground filmmaking in the late 1960s, which marked the beginning of his artistic path.

Brintrup enrolled in the Institute of Sciences and Techniques of Public Opinion (ISOP) in Rome in 1973 to study film and communication sciences. His studies resulted in a thesis on Literature and Film, which he completed in addition to making the short film “Meine Wunder” (My Miracles), which was shown at the 1978 Oberhausen Short Film Festival.

In the context of historical upheaval, Brintrup’s 1975–1976 directorial debut, “Game Rules for a Film about the Anabaptists” (Spielregel für einem Wiedertäuferfilm), explored issues of fanaticism, radicalism, and repression. Audiences were enthralled by the film’s captivating story at esteemed film festivals, such as the Berlin International Film Festival and the Rotterdam International Film Festival.

Throughout his career, Brintrup’s artistic vision evolved, encompassing diverse genres and thematic explorations. His foray into the realm of “acoustic films” for German public broadcasters showcased his innovative approach to storytelling, blending sounds, music, and language to create immersive auditory experiences.

In 1979, Brintrup ventured into television with “I Sort Things Out” (Ich räume auf), a poignant exploration of artistic exploitation and corruption, featuring the German expressionist poet Else Lasker-Schüler.

The 1985 musical film “Poemi asolani” marked a pivotal moment in Brintrup’s career, delving into the life and art of Italian composer Gian Francesco Malipiero. Characterized as a “non-vocal musical,” the film blurred the lines between noise and music, ushering in a new era of cinematic experimentation.

Georg Brintrup Parents

Georg Brintrup No available information about the parents of Georg Brintrup.

Georg Brintrup Age, Height, Weight, Birthdate

Age 74 years old ( as at 2024)
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Birthdate October 25, 1950


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