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Welcome to our blog. In todays article, talking about general arts courses in knust and more. We will give you all the important details that is needed for you to understand general arts courses in knust. Stay with us.


The University of Scientific and Technology in Kumasi is a highly regarded tertiary institution in Ghana that was founded with the goal of training science and technology-related human resource needs.

Despite this rule, KNUST nevertheless offers some courses for general arts students.

As a result, many students in Ghana and throughout the world (i.e. overseas students) aspire to attend such a prestigious higher educational institution.

General Art Courses In KNUST are often among the humanities courses offered at KNUST.

Bachelor Of Arts Courses In KNUST – Programs In University

It should come as no surprise that KNUST, a science-focused university, offers a bachelor of arts program.

That, indeed, demonstrates the dynamic nature of modern colleges and the courses they offer.

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Now, what are the art courses available at KNUST?

Indeed, the arts departments of KNUST provide elaborate and engaging courses. Thus, the general arts courses at Knust prepare you for the work market and your life goals.

As a result, I’ve included the courses under KNUST’s art department.

Again, I felt it was vital to present and keep the list of art courses at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology up to current for your benefit as a website user.

Without a doubt, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology is not the only academic institution that provides the university courses listed below.

Furthermore, in this post, we will look at the grades you should receive in your Senior High School exams (e.g. WASSSCE) to enter into KNUST and study art.

Meanwhile, keep in mind that the higher your aggregate, the better your chances of being admitted to KNUST to read or study art.

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Here Is A List of KNUST Arts Courses And Requirements

Furthermore, general arts students are eligible to read the following programs at KNUST. What arts courses are available at KNUST for general art students?

As a result, Knust provides the following general arts courses to students.

Please browse our website to learn more about the courses available at KNUST for art students.

General Arts Courses In KNUST 2

You can also find the KNUST admission marks in our other pages on our website.

Here is a list of general arts art courses offered at KNUST:

  • BSc Architecture
  • BSc Land Economy
  • BSc Real Estate
  • BSc Development Planning
  • BSc Human Settlement Planning
  • BSc Construction Technology and Management (BSc Building Technology)
  • BSc Quantitative Surveying and Construction Economics (BSc Building Technology)
  • BFA Painting and Sculpture
  • BFA CERAMICS (Industrial Art)
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List of Courses For General Arts Students At KNUST

  • BSc Metalsmithing and Jewellery Technology (Industrial Art)
  • BSc Textile Design and Technology
  • BSc Fashion Design
  • BA Integrated Rural Art and Industry
  • BA Publishing Studies
  • BA Communication Design (Graphic Design)
  • BSc Business Administration (Human Resource Management/Management)
  • BSc Business Administration (Human Resource Management)
  • BSc Business Administration (Marketing International Business)
  • BSc Business Administration (Marketing International Business)
  • BSc Business Administration (Accounting Banking and Finance)
  • BSc Business Administration (Accounting Banking and Finance)
  • BSc Business Administration (Logistics and Supply Chain Management/Business

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