GCB Loan Calculator. How It Works


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About GCB

They can state with complete conviction and confidence that they are enthusiastic about their future after celebrating their 60th anniversary in 2013 and launching a new image for their Bank in 2014. Over the past 60 years, they have continually expanded and shown our dedication to Ghana, and we will continue to do so by their accomplishments and the great impact they have on people’s lives.

In a world where nothing is static, GCB currently operates in a sector with greater levels of competition and consumer expectation than ever before. The growth of internet and mobile communication has brought new knowledge and raised service expectations. The way banking is conducted and how the public views it has both been dramatically altered by this.

It is now more crucial than ever to refocus and re-arm our position in the marketplace through a fresh, evolved brand, better communication, and an unwavering commitment to serve their clients better in order to maintain our position as the largest bank in Ghana and to continue to develop.

They have established an internal change program that has been deeply ingrained in their company strategy, their employee training, their branches, and heir services as part of the shift. This campaign completely revamped the Bank’s basic values and brand, giving it a new, more modern logo and a more noticeable presence in public.

New financial services and products will be offered as a result of their commitment to higher They are modernizing their systems and technology, rebuilding their branch network to meet international standards, and putting a greater emphasis on customer satisfaction throughout all of our business channels. Although this is a long-term regimen, you will notice improvement in the upcoming months.

Through a dedication to providing exceptional service and industry best practices, their bank’s mission has always been to be Ghana’s top provider of financial services. Their daily actions as an organization serve as a constant reminder of their dedication to their nation, its history, ideals, and future. This hasn’t changed and won’t change.

They are excited to discuss with you their core beliefs, business philosophies, and brand systems. They are convinced that we will experience growth and prosperity for all of our stakeholders, including, of course, our consumers, through these assets and with the commitment and support of our owners and partners.

Ghana Commercial Bank Personal Loans

The GCB personal loans are provided to salaried employees (who have accounts with Ghana Commercial Bank) within 24 hours in order to cover a variety of personal, family, and household demands. The loan is repaid over a predetermined length of time in regular monthly installments.

GCB Loan Calculator. How It Works

Currently, GBC does not have any tool or technology that helps calculate a loan but what you can do is to check your balance any time at any of their ATMs, online or on your mobile device. Credit facilities are also easily arranged with GCB. All you have to do is call +233 302 681 531 or visit your nearest branch for details and to apply. You can pay money into your account by cash or cheque at any GCB branch.  

GBC Personal Loan: How Does It Work?

A quick personal loan from GCB is available with clear conditions and adjustable payments. You can receive a loan from any Ghana commercial bank branch if you need one for a wedding, house upgrades, a well-deserved vacation, a new automobile, or even simply some help paying your bills.

GCB loans are simple to apply for, quickly accepted, and offer payback options that are customized to your specific needs.

  • Automated loan processing
  • Interest rate is calculated using the reducing balancing method
  • Loan can be applied for at any branch
  • 6 to 36 months repayment tenure
  • Salaries must pass through customers account with the Bank

GCB Loan Benefits

  • Interest rate and principal repayments are always fixed which helps in budgeting
  • Top-up of facility is available
  • Clients receive a lump sum of money up front, allowing them to pay it back over a fixed term
  • Quick access to credit

GCB Personal loan Chart

Download the GCB personal loan chart click here.

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