Gas Station For Sale in Alabama. Full Details

By | January 28, 2022

In this post, I am going to bring you the gas stations for sale in Alabama, their location and the necessary contact details to get in touch with the owners. 

Gas stations and the convenience stores that serve them are currently among the most profitable enterprises in the United States. Over 100,000 gas stations/convenience stores operate across the country, generating over $400 billion in annual revenue.

Because the country runs on gas, where people must commute to various locations and goods must also be transported between states, the gas station industry has a bright future. Here are some of the reasons why gas stations are so popular as investment opportunities.

Alabama is a region where you can run a successful gas business. Having a gas station is also an important asset to have as its value has a positive correlation with the demand for real estate.

Gas Station For Sale in Alabama

If you are in Alabama and you are considering investing your money into the gas business, then the gas stations below are up for sale and might be of great interest to you. 

492 S Daleville Ave

Daleville, AL


1280 SF Retail Building 

Built in 1988

27267 Perdido Beach Blvd

San Roc Cay Marina

Orange Beach, AL 

$ 399,000

1 Unit Available  

2050 SF Unit. 

1305 2nd Ave N

Birmingham, AL

$ 477,000

1 Unit Available

2,561 SF Unit.

1127 280 Byp

Phenix City, AL


350 SF Retail Building 

Built in 1990

25299 Canal Rd 

Orange Beach, AL 


1 Unit Available

3,600 SF Unit 

3142 Jack Spring Rd

Pickern’s Gas and Grocery 

Atmore, AL


1200 SF Retail Building

Built in 1984

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Gas Station

Before buying a gas station, there are a few things to think about. These include: 

The Gas Station’s Location

Although other factors like the station’s administration and upkeep influenced sales, the most essential aspect is its location. Make sure you choose a popular site, such as one near highways, residential areas, social amenities and infrastructure, and so on.

The Gas Pumps and the Fuel Tank’s Condition

Fuel tanks and gas pumps, like any other piece of equipment that is used frequently, are prone to deteriorate with time. Before you choose a station or a price, make careful to examine the condition of both to avoid any surprises. If you buy from a well-established franchise, getting records should be simple because the pumps and tanks are constantly checked.

The Convenience Store’s Condition and Inventory

The convenience store will account for the majority of the station’s sales and profits. As a result, you should inspect the machines and other equipment to see if they are in excellent working order or if repairs or replacements are required. You should also gather information on the vendors with whom you will need to communicate in order to replenish inventories.

The Previous Owner’s Financial Situation

Examine the company’s monthly and annual records. These should offer you an idea of how profitable the firm is, as well as trends in gains and falls, so you can decide whether the investment is worthwhile. 


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