Frytol Oil Price In Ghana

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The price of Frytol oil in Ghana is something that affects companies and homes all over the country. As one of the most popular cooking oils, changes in its price can have a big effect on budgets.

In this interesting and detailed piece, we’ll look at how much Frytol oil costs now, where you can buy it, and what factors affect its price.

A Brief History of Frytol Oil

Frytol oil, which is made by Wilmar Africa Limited, has been a staple in Ghanaian homes for more than 40 years. It is famous because it is cheap, good for your health, and can be used to make a wide range of dishes. Frytol oil is the market winner in the country. It is made from palm and soybean oils that are grown and processed in the country.

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Current Prices and Where to Buy

To give you a full picture, we’ve listed the current prices of Frytol oil in Ghana and where you can buy it:

Size Price (GHS) Where to Buy
1 liter 48 Supermarkets (Shoprite, Melcom, Marina Mall)
2 liters 96 Supermarkets (Shoprite, Melcom, Marina Mall)
5 liters 250 Supermarkets (Shoprite, Melcom, Marina Mall)
10 liters 600 Supermarkets (Shoprite, Melcom, Marina Mall)
25 liters 1500 Wholesale shops and selected supermarkets

Factors Influencing Frytol Oil Prices

  • Global market price: The prices of crude palm oil and soybean oil on the global market, which are the main ingredients in Frytol, have a big impact on how much it costs.

When prices rise around the world, the cost of making Frytol oil in Ghana also goes up. This means that customers have to pay more at the store.

  • Changes in exchange rates: The price of Frytol oil is affected by the exchange rate of the Ghanaian Cedi (GHS) against major currencies, especially the US Dollar (USD).
  • Raw Material: Since Ghana buys a lot of its raw materials, including those used to make Frytol oil, changes in the exchange rate can affect how much it costs to make the oil.
  • Costs of local production: Costs of local production, like labour, shipping, and utilities, also affect the price of Frytol oil in Ghana. When the price of fuel goes up, for example, shipping and production costs go up, which affects the price of the product at the store.

Where To Buy Frytol Oil

To buy Frytol oil in Ghana, you have several options. Frytol is a popular brand of cooking oil that is widely available in the country. Here are some places where you can purchase Frytol oil along with their contact information:


Shoprite: Shoprite is a renowned supermarket chain with branches across Ghana. You can visit their stores or contact them for availability.

Contact: Phone: +233 30 293 1600

Melcom Superstore: Melcom is a well-known retail chain that offers a wide range of products, including cooking oils.

Contact: Phone: +233 30 221 8130
Local Grocery Stores:

Koala Shopping Center: Koala is a popular grocery store in Accra, Ghana’s capital city, and it often stocks Frytol oil.

Contact: Phone: +233 24 247 7899

MaxMart: MaxMart is a retail chain with multiple locations in Accra and Kumasi. They typically have a good selection of cooking oils, including Frytol.

Contact: Phone: +233 30 268 0414

 Online Retailers

i. Jumia Ghana: Jumia is a popular online marketplace in Ghana, and you can find Frytol oil listed on their website.

Contact: Phone: +233 30 274 0630

ii. Supermart Ghana: Supermart is an online grocery delivery service that operates in Accra. They offer a variety of cooking oils, including Frytol.

Contact: Phone: +233 24 431 4141

The Future of Prices for Frytol Oil

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Predicting the future price of Frytol oil can be hard because of the many things that affect its price. But some trends can give customers a good idea of what to expect in the coming months and years.

  • Global market volatility: Because of things like changing weather trends, geopolitical tensions, and rising demand from emerging economies, the global market for palm and soybean oils is likely to be unstable.

This instability could cause changes in the prices of these goods around the world, which would affect the price of Frytol oil in Ghana.

  • Changes in the exchange rate: If the Ghanaian Cedi continues to lose value against the US Dollar, it could lead to higher production costs and higher prices for Frytol oil at the store.

In conclusion, the price of Frytol oil in Ghana is affected by a number of local and international factors. By knowing about these things, customers can better predict how the market might change and make smart choices when buying Frytol oil.

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