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Fritz Achterberg was born on November 2 , 1880 . He was a German theater and silent film actor who died on October 12 , 1971, in Weimar. It must be noted that he was discovered for the stage by Paul Pauli. He made his debut in 1898 at the Belle Alliance Theater in Berlin. At Belle Alliance Theater in Berlin, he played the role of the adjutant in Christian Dietrich Grabbe’s Napoleon or The Hundred Days.

He subsequently began his career as a silent film actor in 1912 but retired in 1923. He then served at the Braunschweig Theater for four years. Fritz Achterberg was known to be a member of the Weimar Theater in the character hero department between 1932 and 1944.

Some of the films Fritz Achterberg was featured in include 1912: The straw widower, 1915: The Secret of a Night, 1915: A Blank Slate, 1915: Seasons of Life, 1916: The Ring of Destiny,1916: Dead Thoughts, 1916: We did it, 1916: The Silver Ball, 1916: The pumped dad, 1916: Heathenry, 1916: The trumpet angel, 1916: The Giant Baby, 1916: Countess Heyers, 1916: Dressage for marriage, 1917: The second self, 1917: The Anniversary Prize, 1917: The Man in the Havelock, 1917: The emergency wedding, 1917: The niece from America and 1917: The memoirs of the tragedian Thamar.

Others are 1917: Rushing Chords, 1917: Strange People, 1917: The False Waldemar, 1918: The Dying Pearls, 1918: The Lord of the World, 1918: The Desert Diamond, 1918: The Song of the Colombine, 1918: The Schwabemädle, 1919: Anna Karenina, 1919: Eyes, 1919: The Secret of a Night, 1919: Whipped, 1919: The right of free love, 1919: Bettler GmbH, 1920: The call from the afterlife, 1920: The mysterious bed, 1920: Hamlet, 1920: When Columbine beckons, 1920: The Executioner, 1922: The False Dimitry, 1923: Maud, the big sensation and 1923: The Dollmaker of Kiang-Ning.

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Fritz Achterberg’s Net Worth

His net worth is believed to be between $ 1 million and $ 5 million.

Fritz Achterberg

Fritz Achterberg’s Biography, Wikipedia,

Details or biographies about Fritz Achterberg are available on Wikipedia.

Fritz Achterberg’s Age, Birth Date

Fritz Achterberg was born on November 2 , 1880 . He was 91 years old at the time of his death. He died on October 12 , 1971 in Weimar.

Fritz Achterberg’s Height, Weight,

Fritz Achterberg’s height and weight are not currently available.

Fritz Achterberg’s Parents

Details about his parents are not available now.

Fritz Achterberg’s Girlfriend, Wife

Achterberg was married to actress Gertrud de Lalsky

Fritz Achterberg’s Children

He had two children.

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