Frederic Linkemann’s Girlfriend: Full Details

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Frederic Linkemann is a German actor and dubber who grew up in Altstädten, a district of the district town Sonthofen. He was born in 1981 and at age 18, he got acquainted to the theater stage at the FOS Theater at the Augsburg Technical College for Design. It must be noted that between 2005 and 2009, Frederic Linkemann learned the tenets of acting at the Bavarian Theater Academy August Everding in Munich.

Even when he was still in training, he had his first engagements at the Bavarian State Theater in Munich. Frederic Linkemann had his first stint in front of the camera when he played a role in the Allgäu crime film adaptation Erntedank as the son of Commissioner Kluftinger, presented by Herbert Knaup.

Frederic Linkemann graduated from the  Bavarian Theater Academy August Everding in 2009 with a Diploma. Later in 2011, Frederic Linkemann played the role of nurse Markus in the award-winning television film Blaubeerblau.

Some of the films to the credit of Frederic Linkemann include 2009: Thanksgiving. An Allgäu crime thriller (TV series), 2009: All You Need Is Love – My daughter-in-law is a man, 2011: Blueberry Blue, 2012: Schafkopf – A little something always works (TV series, 6 episodes), 2012: In the best families
2012: Over there, it’s snowing, 2012, 2014: SOKO 5113/SOKO Munich (TV series, various roles, 2 episodes), 2013: Under Suspicion: Without Forgiveness (TV series), 2013: Dampfnudelblues. An Eberhofer crime thriller (cinema), 2013: Lake Bottom. A Kluftinger crime thriller (TV series), 2013: Best present, 2014: The rich corpses. A Starnberg crime thriller (TV series), 2014: The dead woman from the Gorge, 2014, 2016: Munich 7/Heiter to Deadly: Munich 7 (TV series, various roles, 2 episodes) and 2015: Schwarzach 23 and the Hand of death (TV series).

Others are 2016: Pig’s Head al dente (cinema), 2016: Pregau – No Way Back (four-part television series), 2016: Passion. A Kluftinger crime thriller (TV series), 2016: The Mountain Rescuers (TV series, episode Got too short ), 2017: Police Call 110: One for All, all for Rostock (TV series), 2017: Hindafing (TV series, 5 episodes), 2017: Semolina dumpling affair (cinema), 2017: Crime Scene: Hardcore (TV series), 2018: Sauerkraut coma (cinema), 2018: Wackersdorf (cinema) and 2018: Matula – The Shadow of the Mountain.

Frederic Linkemann’s Girlfriend

Frederic Linkemann is believed to be single and does not have any girlfriend.

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