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Fred Louis Lerch was born on March 28, 1902. Fred Louis Lerch was known to be an Austrian actor. However, he was known or considered to be a star of German films. Unfortunately, Fred Louis Lerch died on August 26, 1985, but before then he was featured in a lot of films.

It must be noted that he worked in the capacity of Production Manager for German cinema. This was from 1951 to 1961.

Notable among some of the films Fred Louis Lerch was featured in include 1922: People Call It to love – directed by Mano Zahl-Teschenbruck, 1923: The Portrait – Director: Jacques Feyder, 1923: Victims of Hate – Director: Hanns Marschall, 1924: Larsac’s wife’s daughter – directed by Jakob and Luise Fleck, 1925: A Waltz by Strauss – Director: Max Neufeld, 1926: The Young Man from the Confection – Director: Richard Löwenbein, 1926: Carmen – Directed by Jacques Feyder, 1927: Liebelei – directed by Jakob and Luise Fleck, 1927: The Family Without Morals – Director: Max Neufeld, 1927: I dreamed of love in May – directed by Franz Seitz, 1927: The Prince’s Child – directed by Jakob and Luise Fleck, 1927: Marriage scandal in the Fromont Jr. household. and Risler Sr. – Director: Anders Wilhelm Sandberg, 1927: Sealed Lips (Förseglade läppar) – Director: Gustaf Molander and 1928: Fair game/The ordeal of Anna Riedel – Director: Holger-Madsen.

He also worked on the following films as a recording manager; 1951: Border Station 58 – Director: Harry Hasso, 1954: Wedding Bells – Director: Georg Wildhagen, 1956: Where the Torrent Rushes – Director: Heinz Paul, 1956: The Perjurer – Director: Rudolf Jugert, 1957: Little man – very big – Director: Hans Grimm and 1961: Three White Birches – Director: Hans Albin.

Fred Louis Lerch’s Biography, Wikipedia

The details and biography of Fred Louis Lerch are available on Wikipedia.

Fred Louis Lerch’s Age, Birth Date

He was born on March 28, 1902. Fred Louis Lerch was 83 years old at the time of his death.

Fred Louis Lerch’s Height, Weight

The height and weight of Fred Louis Lerch is currently not available.

Fred Louis Lerch’s Net Worth

His net worth is pegged between $100,000 and $ 1 million.

Fred Louis Lerch’s Parents, Girlfriend, Wife, Children,

Details about the parents of Fred Louis Lerch are not available. However, Fred Louis Lerch was said to be married to
Grete Reinwald. Grete Reinwald was born on May 25, 1902, and died on May 24, 1983. She was a German stage and film actress


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